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Biden lies and polls keeps getting worse

In this episode, I open with a news item related to Iran firing a barrage of missiles at an American Consulate in Iraq. This is the very same world-leading state sponsor of terror with whom the Joe Biden administration wants to talk to about getting more oil. This is the same terrorist regime that Biden cannot wait to sign a new nuclear deal that would all but give the radical Ayatollahs in Tehran enough enriched uranium in three years for several intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Even former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu put out a message on social media, urging the U.S. to not make sure an unbelievable mistake. But, that’s what the Joe Biden administration seems best fit to accomplish. They don’t think things through. They ignore their advisers. They go all-in on poorly thought-out plans and then blame everyone else for their failures.

To demonstrate this further, President Biden bemoaned the oil companies once again for not drilling more oil. He refuses to admit his radical environmentalist policies and bureaucratic red-tape are making it nearly impossible for new drilling. He also refuses to acknowledge he did in fact run on a campaign promise to end the oil companies and all fossil fuels.

Biden is also angry that the American people believe inflation is a result of the trillions of dollars the government spent, flooding the economy for the last two years with over 7 trillion dollars. He said that money is not the cause of inflation. Well, sorry to tell you, Joe, but that is exactly what has been causing inflation. In fact, it’s at the very core of how inflation occurs.

Nancy Pelosi also decided to repeat that very big lie at a separate press conference. She said the trillions spent do not cause inflation and in fact will lower the debt. She actually said spending more money is how the government will reduce it’s debt! I guess Goebbels was right – tell a lie big enough and then repeat it often enough and it will become the truth. Right now, Americans are not buying it, but the White House and Democrats are doing all they can to repeat it over and over, hoping to change our minds.

I ask why they are so desperate to change the narrative. Yes, it is a mid-term year and they need to fix their polling. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening. In fact, with each successive month, it gets worse and worse. Hispanics and black Americans are rapidly moving away from supporting Democrats and it’s terrifying the consultants and the chief of staffs over every Democrat running this fall.

One last piece of news I discuss is how the Treasure Department had to quietly admit the sanctions Joe Biden is selling are not nearly as tough as he makes them out to be. In fact, the sanctions won’t apply to the banks’ energy transactions until June 24 – meaning Wall Street can continue to trade in Russian oil and gas. This is yet another lie from President Biden and the White House.

Finally, we get another installment of, Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris, who gets lost in another heaping scoop of word salad. How she describes friendship and standing with your friends is nothing short of intellectual stupidity. She is a laughingstock on the world stage and fundamental embarrassment to all Americans.

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