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The “Putin Price Hike” propaganda, bio-labs and a birthday

In this episode, we have to start with more spin and outright lies being told by leaders within the Democrat party. The new line (or hashtag, if you will) being foisted upon the American people is the Putin Price Hike. President Joe Biden has been trying to sell that idea along with help from House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Well, add to the growing list of propagandists, Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. He has taken the narrative to a brand new level of stupid.

According to Senator Ed “Malarkey” Markey, drilling for more oil or gas is not how you become energy independent. In his mind, they way you fill your glass is not to add more to it, but to drain it, I guess? It’s like saying they way to put out your house fire is to light the garage ablaze. The stupidity of the phrase is so over-the-top I am not even sure if Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Party would swallow it.

Add to this a panel debate on CNN when even their own political analyst, Scott Jennings. When asked about President Biden trying to sell inflation and skyrocketing gasoline prices as the Putin Price Hike, he said, “Voters are not that dumb – we remember inflation was going on long before.” He’s absolutely right. We all know when inflation started and that was the day President Biden took office.

The other subject I hit today has to do with the ongoing stories of whether or not there are any bio-labs in Ukraine. This was prompted by a tweet from Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who wrote, “Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.” Well, I was intrigued. What lies was the former presidential candidate for the Democrat party spreading?

Turns out, nothing she has said seems to be false. There are in fact at least 25 bio-labs receiving US tax dollars to support their work. They are not “owned” by the US, but they are at least in part, funded by the US. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland testified to that fact on March 8, 2022, in front of a Senate panel. The pentagon fact sheet from March 11, 2022, says around $200 million dollars has been spent supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities and diagnostic test sites. Correspondent David Martin told CBS’s Face the Nation on March 13 that a Pentagon official told him about a concern related to existing bio-labs being seized by Russians.

If we go back to April of 2020, right after Covid-19 got out of the Wuhan lab, a lab we know was partially funded by US tax dollars, Russia accused the United States of using bio-labs in Ukraine, forcing the US Embassy there to say the funding was for vaccines and other peaceful purposes. Even the Department of Defense released a report saying they were concerned about two bio-labs in Ukraine that had fallen under Russian control in 2014.

It seems as though Mitt Romney may have some explaining to do if he believes Tulsi Gabbard was lying about US dollars funding Ukrainian bio-labs. From all I can tell, it seems like there are way too many other corroborating facts out there.

Finally, with my now 7 year affiliation with WSB Radio in Atlanta, I close with a shout out to them for hitting 100 years since the station first went live on March 15, 1922. I am a regular fill-in and am honored and humbled every day I get to be on their air with them. It is an amazing affiliation and one I hope will continue for years to come.

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