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Hunter Biden laptop, Iran nuke deal and Keystone XL pipeline

In this episode, I open with the stunning revelation just dropped in the New York Times – the Hunter Biden laptop story is real. What? I thought that story was how the New York Post was deplatformed on Twitter? I thought that story was called a Russian hoax by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and many other in the administration. I thought the legacy media, with help from their willing accomplices in Big Tech, said it was nothing but misinformation and a huge conspiracy theory.

I don’t know about all of you, but I never get tired of being right, even if it takes those some Democrat propaganda outlets from finally coming to the same conclusions we all did 12-18 months earlier. But, let’s not kid ourselves. They legacy media knew it was a real story. The White House also knew it was real. But it was in the midst of a presidential election where an unprecedented number of ballots were going to be mailed in or dropped in boxes. Nothing was going to be allowed that might taint the direction those outlets wanted the election to go.

Not only do we have an inept and disastrous White House when it comes to just about every policy move, but also an immensely dangerous one. Just days after Iran tried to take out an US Consulate in Iraq with a missile barrage, we now find out the new nuclear agreement with Iran will allow Russia to earn upwards of $10 billion dollars for nuclear work in Iran. Understand that we have an administration who is telling us they are enforcing “crippling” sanctions (their words, which we know are not true) designed to hurt Russia’s economy, only to be working on green-lighting a deal that would provide Moscow with a critical source of revenue! It’s astounding to see this happening in real-time and it seems like no one understand how terrible this is.

The radicals in the Democrat party and in the White House are doing all they can to, as I said in yesterday’s show, fundamentally transform this nation. And they are being so brazen because they know time is short.

In a brand new Pew Research Poll, it seems as thought 71% of Americans want to see the Keystone XL pipeline resumed and they favor more domestic energy production. To reach 71%, there has to be more than just Republicans in that poll. That means this White House is realizing they are losing support from democrat voters.

To give one more example of the sheer ineptitude of our most powerful leaders in Congress, we turn to a recent Q&A with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know what meds she takes or how many shots she uses to wash them down, but it’s horrific to think she is considered the 3rd most powerful member of our Federal government.

Finally, I close with a tease of an upcoming special episode of The Alan Sanders Show. I had the chance to chat with Governor Brian Kemp of the state of Georgia and spent nearly 30 minutes discussing his first four years in office, the highs and lows and his re-election campaign. It was a great conversation and I am looking forward to bringing it to you in the coming days.

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