Governor Brian Kemp
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Conversations with Governor Brian Kemp

Today’s episode is a bonus. It’s not my analysis of the news of the day, but rather a chance for me to sit down and chat with a newsmaker. If all goes well, I will have these bonus episodes on a month-to-month basis. For now I am calling them, “Conversations.”

For this inaugural endeavor, I was pleased to be able to sit down with Governor Brian Kemp from the State of Georgia and discuss his 2018 run and his bid for re-election here in 2022. Along the way we discuss his initial campaign, his stance of the 2nd Amendment and being a governor during the time of President Donald Trump.

We then hit the Covid-19 pandemic and spend time discussing how Brian Kemp and many other southern governors took a lot of heat for wanting to open sooner than Dr. Fauci and the CDC were recommending. We look at how the national media went after Kemp mercilessly during the first year of the pandemic. Now, after leading the way toward an open and mandate-free state, it’s become obvious we did it right. In fact, when looking at other states who implemented harsh lock-downs and draconian measures, they did not fare any better than states who chose the opposite path.

As we progress through a series of topics, we touch on David Perdue’s current bid to run for governor of Georgia and his backing by former president Donald Trump. We also discuss Kemp’s first victory in 2018 over Stacey Abrams and how he is the only candidate who has that distinction as we head toward November 2022.

We close the conversation with a reminder of how great the state of Georgia is, which includes another amazing year for Hollywood film and television productions shooting in the state. If all goes well, after the primaries are over, we hope we can chat again with Governor Brian Kemp as he continues his bid to remain the governor against his challenger, Stacey Abrams.

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