Kamala Harris sidelined
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Kamala gets sidelined and White House has a Hunter problem

In today’s episode, I open with news that Kamala Harris’s National Security Advisor is leaving the team. Nancy McEldowney’s announcement of stepping down was released by the White House yesterday after what can only be described as another mortifying moment Harris provided to the world. Usually I save the Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris moment for the wrap-up, but I have to open with it instead.

We’ve talked about the staffing problems Kamala Harris has been having and this is just another victim of her outrageous and unacceptable behavior. To add more deflation to her, the White House also announced it was going to sideline Kamala in favor of her boss, President Biden, stepping in to continue the NATO discussions over Russia and Ukraine.

The massive problem we have is who is going to be the better of the two for the next two and half years. It’s like Hollywood has rebooted the franchise Dumb and Dumber, only this time casting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the lead roles. Who do you prefer? Dumb? Or Dumber??

With that, we move to former AG Bill Barr making the stunning announcement he was well aware the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine, but didn’t want to open an active investigation on the son of candidate Joe Biden so close to the election. Barr even states he was shocked to hear Joe Biden lie to the American people repeatedly about the authenticity of the laptop. It sure would have been nice if the chief law enforcement officer had seen fit to do something about it beforehand.

The White House has a Hunter Biden problem and it is not going away anytime soon. It may have been pushed out of the public consciousness for nearly 18 months, but it is back and is more in focus than ever before. And though the pictures and videos of Hunter Biden’s depraved lifestyle are visually shocking, they pale in significance to what can only be called The Biden Crime Family. The number of deals, the dollars that flowed all for influence and access to some of the highest positions in our government is beyond criminal. If it doesn’t count as treasonous, it’s definitely flirting with it.

While White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is doing all she can to distance herself and the president from the scandal, it isn’t helping the mood of an already disappointed and fed-up country. Add this to yet another big blunder brought to you by the arrogance and ego of Joe Biden and the radicals in the White House. The sad part of this, supposedly 81 million Americans were convinced this was the better road to be on than the one we had been traversing 14 months ago.

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