Biden blunders and dark money
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Biden blunder foreign policy and dark money for Democrats

In today’s episode, I open by unpacking some of the comments President Joe Biden made in Brussels. It is distressing to see how irritated and angry he gets at the press when they reference his prior positions and he immediately denies it. He spends more time re-writing his own words and history than he does at finding ways to put American first.

I remind you that Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary under President Barack Obama (while Joe Biden was VP), once said, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Based on what we’ve seen over the last 14 months in office, all we can say is at least Joe Biden is consistent – consistently wrong.

The press conference does not instill a sense of firm resolve on the part of the United States. It does not send a clear message to the world or to Vladimir Putin for that matter. Rather than commit resources and logistics to Ukraine in a clear and concise way, he spent his time deriding the press and getting lost in the words emanating from his addled mind.

Next, I spend a few minutes discussing the radical, far-left, dark money organization called Demand Justice. They spent over a billion dollars on democrats and radical causes in the last election cycle. They were the ones who ran a multi-million dollar ad campaign urging Justice Breyer to retire from the Supreme Court while they added the name Kentanji Brown Jackson to their short-list of acceptable candidates. In fact, one has to wonder, if Judge Jackson has the support of a rabid and radical dark money outfit like Demand Justice, she must tick the right boxes for their radical views of ripping up the Constitution and fundamentally transforming our nation.

On a more uplifting note, I close with a sound bite from Christine Anderson, a member of Parliament for the European Union. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there to address them and speak on behalf of democracy. In light of how he treated his own people and his professes love of Communist China, Anderson gave him the public greeting he deserved.

Finally, my call to action is to not sit idly by any longer. We need to be more involved in local government, such as our city councils, school boards and county commissions. We need to be in touch with our state representatives on a more consistent basis. We need to be on top of our federal representatives, reminding them they are there to support the will of their constituents, not to “rule” their constituents. Do not let the talk of a “red wave” this mid-term election cycle get you feeling complacent. Make sure you vote! In fact, you should never take the vote for granted. Always do your civic duty and make sure to support Constitution minded candidates, while doing all we can to remove those who want to rip up that sacred document.

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