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Biden and Administration most out of touch in history

In today’s episode, I open by looking at the problem President Joe Biden is making for his staff and the media when he continues to speak in absolutes about his son, Hunter’s, problems. By continuing to say his son has done “nothing” wrong and that he has “never” spoke with his son about business dealings is demonstrably false.

What’s interesting about the life-cycle of the Hunter Biden laptop story is how the media invested so much of it’s time convincing the American people it was a Russian disinformation operation. Now that they are admitting it is a real story, they are desperately trying to convince us that even if Hunter did something wrong, the President was unaware. They are trying to insulate the President from what is going to be an onslaught of criminal charges.

However, in light of the numerous business trips, including one on Air Force Two, where Joe and Hunter Biden are seen mingling with various foreign investors, it’s impossible to believe Joe Biden is telling us the truth. And, the more he speaks in absolutes, the harder it is for the press to spin it effectively.

That’s part of the problem of this entire Administration. They are proving to be the most out of touch with reality Administration in our nation’s history. They are waging war on the fossil fuel industry while demanding we all buy electric vehicles. We have a massive problem at the southern border, but they want to spend time teaching the border patrol to use the correct pronouns. Inflation is at a 40 year high and they want to blame all of it on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They are so caught up in the woke agenda, they cannot even see how every policy of theirs is at the root of every problem we are facing today.

This is also seen in that part of the Administration we know as public health. The CDC and the NIH are so blinded to facts and science that it goes beyond belief. Between Dr. Rochelle Walensky making up facts as she goes along to Dr. Fauci forgetting he once said natural infection was the best form of immunization, it’s a wonder they both are still employed. But, when they are surrounded by teams of people equally out-of-touch with reality, I guess they are allowed to keep collecting paychecks for their deception.

We have to hope that after the November elections, we will have representatives in place who are committed to rooting out those individuals from their cushy public jobs. We need policies implemented to make sure science is no longer politicized like we’ve seen over the past few years.

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