Elon Musk and Twitter
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Elon Musk wants Twitter free speech and the ongoing energy crisis

In today’s episode, I open with Elon Musk buying enough shares of Twitter to become the single-largest stake holder. With that move, he is now a member of the Twitter Board of Directors. This is huge news in the world of Big Tech censorship. It’s obvious Elon Musk must have started listening to me at the beginning of the year when I made the argument that social media is today’s digital town square.

Rather than strike off to build his own social media company, Elon Musk has decided it’s better to change the culture than to reinvent the wheel. So far it’s already showing results as a senior member of Twitter’s Terms of Use team has decided to take his ball and go home, refusing to work under Musk’s direction.

This leads to the fundamental problem we are seeing in our society at the hands of the Millennials and Gen Z’ers. They are ill-equipped to deal with any adversity of any kind. They can dish out their hateful comments in “news” stories or online, but if any negativity comes back to them, they melt like the oft used term “snowflake” they have truly earned. Your love of free speech is not measured when you agree with me. It comes from when you find yourself diametrically opposed to my views, and still stand up for my right to say it. We have far too few in this country who seem to understand that simple notion.

When reporters like Taylor Lorenz of MSNBC are claiming to suffer severe PTSD because of social media comments, you are starting to see just how soft, weak, and ill prepared so many of our 20-35 year old’s are today. Parents of those children are to blame for wanting to raise them in bubble-wrap, not keep score, tell them they are great at everything (when they are not) and basically insulate them from reality. At some point, if you do not learn how to cope at a young age, it becomes nearly impossible at an older one.

Finally, we get to the stupidity of the green movement and it’s influence on the White House. If we are to believe we all live on the same Mother Earth, why would we be okay asking China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Iran to produce more oil for us to buy, when we are easily six times cleaner in our extraction techniques than any of them? It seems like we have the blind leading the blind when it comes to our own energy policy and Joe Biden is the blindest of them all. He really has no idea what he is doing or what to do next without being told by someone else.

It’s a shame how we have let our country come to this. It took a couple of decades to reveal itself, which means it will likely take as long to fix. That means we have to get on it now, because it will be a long road ahead battling the infantile brains of children in adult bodies who currently believe they know how the world operates.

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