Disinformation and erosion of democracy
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Disinformation and erosion of Democracy or business as usual

In today’s episode, I take a deeper look at the content coming out of the, “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy,” conference taking place on the campus of the University of Chicago. While disguised as a conference about people who seem to worry about disinformation, the vast majority of it’s panelist are guilty of that very thing.

To start off, I remind you that Anne Applebaum with The Atlantic said she didn’t care about the Hunter Biden laptop story, because the business dealings of Hunter don’t reflect on the Presidency. So, she said whether or not the laptop was a real story just didn’t interest her. Yet, as we look at her past tweets when Donald Trump was the president, she sang a very different tune.

Then, CNN”s Brian Stelter is reminded of many hoaxes and fake stories that ran on his network and was asked two questions: Is journalistic ethics dead? And, when so many mainstream outlets all make the same mistakes and almost always in the same direction, are we to believe it is a magical coincidence or is there more to it? After trying to deflect with a bad joke and then an even worse mischaracterization of the question, he completely avoided the substance of the question. He chose instead to talk about how when a Fox News team fell under fire in Ukraine, other reports rendered aid and that’s how news agencies work together. It was a nonsense answer that did not address the substance of the question.

The token conservative on the panel, Jonah Goldberg, even got heat for his preposterous assertion that burying the Hunter Biden laptop story would not have changed the mind’s of Joe Biden voters in 2020. This flies in direct contradiction to a poll released by the Media Research Center showing 16% of people who voted for Joe Biden said they would not have voted for him had they known about the laptop.

Even former Democrat candidate for president, Tulsi Gabbard, recognizes that collusion of legacy media, Big Tech and elites in government is a threat to our very democratic republic. She is right. Even a former Democrat can see how dangerous this is if we continue down this road. When the elites can control the narrative via propaganda disguised as news, our democratic way of life cannot survive.

I close by reminding you that I bring you these stories and discussion points because we all need to be able to talk to our friends and families about what’s happening in this country. We all need to be able to explain why this election cycle is important – as are all elections. We cannot sit on the sidelines any longer, content to just watch what’s happening. We need to active participants if we want to maintain our great Republic.

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