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Truth will out and more bad polling

In today’s episode, I start with a quick look back to the Disinformation conference held on the campus of the University of Chicago. What’s utterly laughable about the conference is how they felt “attacked” by a handful of college students from the publication Chicago Thinker, who dared asked relevant questions.

One of those students, Chris Phillips, we highlighted on the last show. He was then asked to appear on the Tucker Carlson show to discuss his experience. It was refreshing to hear how someone so young was interested in getting back to the ethics of journalism. One of his colleagues, Evita Duffy was also interviewed and she, too, reflected how so many of the panelists at the conference have decided to play petty social media trolling rather than to debate issues on their merits.

Shifting quickly, I then go into a story where many scientists studying the Omicron variant of Sars-Cov-2 now think it was also a lab creation. This is stunning to think that the one “mutation” that helped protect more people than the vaccines have may have also been accidentally released from a lab. It seems so many laboratories around the world have been playing with Sars-Cov-2 since it’s debut and it seems to show the dangers of playing with this strain of Coronavirus.

Finally, I dive into some of the more recent polling for Democrats and for President Joe Biden. In an MSNBC poll, looking solely at men and women, both with and without college degrees, three of the four categories have all swung toward Republican preference since the 2018 midterms. The only category with a +4 swing toward Democrats is college educated women.

A CBS News poll asked voters to give a thumbs up or down on how well President Biden has been dealing with four different issues: crime, immigration, economy and inflation. The closest margin deals with crime with 39% approving of Joe Biden’s policies while 61% disapprove. The worst deals with inflation, with 31% approval versus 69% disapproval. The other two fell in between. Basically, by just about a 2:1 margin, the average voter does not like how the president is dealing with those domestic issues.

As I close, it is important to remember that the Democrats are going to do all they can to try to harvest ballots and look for loopholes to stuff election boxes. All of us need to do our civic duty and vote. We need to talk to our friends and neighbors, educate them about the issues and motivate them to get to the polls.

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