Bidenflation and ghost guns
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Bidenflation and a make believe 2nd Amendment

In today’s episode, we dive into two topics that have come from the White House in the last 24 hours: record inflation and make believe language for the 2nd Amendment. Both of these continue to illustrate how the current Administration is filled with children who happen to inhabit adult bodies. They still believe in magical thinking and playing pretend.

First, we have to recognize how just about every policy implemented by the Biden Administration has been moving inflation upwards since the president took office. His flurry of Executive Orders and reversals of Trump domestic (and foreign) policies began from the moment he stepped into the Oval Office.

If we go back to February 2021, inflation was at 1.7% and now we hit a 41 year high, sitting at 8.5%! What does that mean to the average family living in the United States? Basically, if you did not get at least a 10% raise in your take-home pay, you are feeling a month-to-month loss by buying the exact same goods and services as you did this time last year. It’s hurting everyone equally unless you are in the elite.

The fact this White House is continuing to try to sell the idea this is the Putin Price Hike. No matter how many times they say it, the American people are not buying it. The only piece you can attribute to the Russian invasion of Ukraine would be over the last 4-6 weeks. And, to remind you of how long inflation has been rising, I have a montage of soundbites which include Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, President Joe Biden, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Vice President Kamala Harris. When you listen to the sound bites, starting in May of 2021 through March of 2022, you can hear just how badly this Administration has been about this issue.

The second issue deals with Joe Biden inventing different language in the 2nd Amendment. While bumbling through another presser, Joe Biden recounted a story about hunting with a friend. In that story, Joe Biden belittled his friend by saying, “Do you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests? What the hell do you need 20 bullets for? You must be a hell of a terrible shot.”

Here’s the problem…the 2nd Amendment has nothing at all to do with hunting. Never has and never will. Constitution scholar Jonathan Turley comes to the same conclusion. What’s worse, when anyone tries to tell the “bigger fish story,” they end up losing any credibility whatsoever. Joe Biden’s understanding of the 2nd Amendment is just a big a joke as he shows himself to be on a daily basis.

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