Bidenflation and Brooklyn shooting
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More Bidenflation and Brookln manhunt for subway shooter

In today’s episode, I had to deal with more of the Bidenflation problem in our country. In an effort to try to spin the bad economic news, President Biden tried to dismiss the 41 year numbers once again on the “Putin price hike.” He even had a very clever moment in his speech where it sounded like he was saying 70% of the inflation happened since the invasion. However, upon closer inspection, it was a bit of word-smithing and that was all. The vast majority of inflationary pressures on our nation are a direct result of the policies of Joe Biden and his administration.

President Biden even tried to empathize with the pain most of us are feeling at the pump. Unfortunately for him, during the time of his youth, there was no equivalent to the gasoline prices we are experiencing today. He creates his own myths and then believes he is telling us the truth. What’s more, he ran on the promise to take responsibility and to be accountable to the American people. Thus far, Joe Biden has not yet once taken any responsibility for any of his failed policies or objectives. From Afghanistan, to the border, to the economy, energy policy, domestic policy and foreign policy, all Biden seems to be doing is racking up one failure after another. The scariest part of this is, we are just one gaffe away from a comment the White House and the legacy media will not be able to walk back.

The second subject I try to discuss is the ongoing and breaking story of the subway mass shooting in Brooklyn. The hard part of covering any breaking news story is how quickly it morphs and changes. But, I could not ignore such an important news item. So, I did my best to give you the timeline as I was able to gather it and present a pretty high-level discussion of the events.

My caution to all of you is to be wary of any “conclusions” people rush to in the coming days. We need much more information and that will take time. While I do not doubt Democrats will race behind this for another call to remove all guns from society, but that is child-like thinking. What I see is another instance where law-abiding citizens know they are not allowed to arm themselves in a gun-free zone, which is why the bad guys almost always choose those targets for their evil designs. I always find myself wishing more good people had been armed to help stop the bad people from getting away with their plans.

I will continue to watch the story unfold, but will also keep an eye on other news items. It is too each to get lost in one story and let those in power use the distraction to their advantage. It is a time for even more vigilance to make sure other important news items are not swept under the rug.

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