Poison Pill and Not Technically Possible
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Poison pill, Executive power and Russian collusion not technically possible

In today’s episode, we cover several subjects since we last met. The first is our continued discussion over Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter. In a move late Friday, the board of Twitter decided to enact the “poison pill” strategy to prevent the hostile takeover. Basically, they want to either flood the market with stock or offer existing shareholders, not including Elon Musk, an option to buy stocks at a deeply discounted rate. This will devalue the shares and financially hurt the company, pushing to make the stock worthless, hence the term, poison pill.

This strategy is meant to drive away the person or entity vying for a takeover. The huge risk comes in two after effects. First, Elon Musk could choose to sell all of his shares, making the stock price fall even further, perhaps tanking the company. Second, existing shareholders can sue Twitter and its board for failing to follow through on their fiduciary duty to protect the shareholders and the valuation of the company. Elon Musk has put Twitter between a rock and a hard place. Why? Because the company is terrified of allowing freedom of speech on it’s platform. And, quite likely, even more terrified of having their secrets found out when Musk takes them private and exposes them for what they’ve been doing.

Following the Twitter discussion, I address a piece written by CNN’s John Harwood, where he tries to explain Biden does not have the power to help with the inflation, the crisis at the border, issues with rampant crime or just about anything else challenging our nation. He’s just the president of the United States of America, right? Well, I give John a lot of suggestions on how our chief executive can have an impact in each of those areas.

Next, John Durham, the independent counsel investigating the Russian collusion hoax dropped another bomb in court filings. The latest showed both the FBI and the CIA looked at the supposed data showing collusion between Donald Trump and a Russian bank and determined what they has been given was “not technically plausible” and was “user created.” This is another huge blow to the credibility of both the FBI and the CIA because they knew this in 2017 and allowed the investigation and following impeachment to occur as though the documents were true.

Finally, Biden’s Covid adviser, Ashish Jha was on This Week on ABC and said Covid was still a problem and we are not going to be rid of it anytime soon. To me, hearing this and reading the tea leaves, Democrats are setting the stage for the 2020 Election 2.0. They will push hard for mail-in and drop off voting to keep people from gathering at the polls. They need to recreate the same scenario where ballot harvesting and bypassing voter ID is paramount for them to avoid the oncoming red wave. We all need to be aware of this plan and do all we can to get out and vote and resist their attempts to create ways to stuff the ballot boxes in their favor.

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