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Taylor Lorenz is okay being the one doing horrible things

In today’s episode, I dive into the irony of report Taylor Lorenz, who only a few weeks ago claimed to be suffering severe PTSD because of mean social media posts. However, she has no issue using the Washington Post to go after a person and treat them terribly simply because they created a successful account on Twitter.

The Libs of Tik Tok has grown, as of today, to nearly 670,000 followers. The Twitter account exists to find posts from extreme liberals and repost or share them for all to see. The posts are not doctored or taken out of context. It is not a satire site, like The Babylon Bee, where they create “stories” that are designed to illustrate contemporary issues of the day. Libs of Tik Tok simply helps shine a light on people through their own posts. Lately, the account has shown us just how pervasive the sexual radicalization of children is in pre-K and elementary school. While the Florida law was being mischaracterized as the “don’t say gay” bill, Libs of Tik Tok was demonstrating why the law needed to be implemented. It wasn’t about preventing a single word from being said, but rather about stopping the sexual radicalization of innocent youth.

Elon Musk has shown us how the Leftist elites in our country do not really want freedom of speech for all and now Taylor Lorenz is adding to it. While claiming in one tweet that going after people and trying to hurt them is wrong, she then writes a negative and highly biased piece with the sole aim of shaming and brutalizing someone she doesn’t like. I guess when she says people should not be gone after in a hurtful way, she means only people like her and others in the legacy media. As long as she gets to dish it out, she doesn’t feel she needs to take it. Their hypocrisy would make Tombstone’s Doc Holiday blush.

I close with some words from a piece written by Stacey Lennox of PJ Media. The piece is called, “The GOP scored big with ‘Okay, Groomer.’ Here’s how to replicate that success.” It’s a very good piece that reminds those of us defending freedom for all (not just the chosen few) that we have to be clever and clear in our word choices. The use of the word “groomer” put opponents of the Florida Parental Rights Act on their heals because no one want to be thought of as a pedophile. “Okay, Groomer,” stops people in the tracks, leaving them open to understand the bill isn’t calling all teacher pedophiles, but that some subjects are not appropriate for the K-3 classroom, period.

It’s important for us all to stay vigilant and engaged in our own communities. When it comes time to vote, we need as our litmus test, to know which candidates really believe in freedom for all or only in freedom for the elites? Do they believe the Bill of Rights is for every American or only a handful. Are we going to vote for people who believe in our Constitution or those who want to see it re-written in an effort to fundamentally transform our nation? The choice is going to be left to each of us when we go to the ballot box.

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