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Maskaholics and dealing with changing science

In today’s episode, I return to a subject that has left me, more often than not, exacerbated at the discussion of masks as a way of protecting the populace from an airborne virus. Since the public transportation mandate was struck down (why did it take this long?), Leftists have been losing their minds. The symbol of faith for the Branch Covidians was being kicked to the curb. How would they recruit new members? What about retaining their numbers? Who would be left to control without it? The psychological addiction created is known as maskaholic and has been studied in Japan for years. Like any mental health addiction, it can be very difficult to break once it has been put in place.

I echo the words of Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who stated, “The CDC lost its moral authority to impose anything the moment it abandoned its commitment to telling the truth about basic scientific issues, e.g., the denial of immunity after Covid recovery, the efficacy of toddler masking, etc. He is right. The CDC and just about everyone else in public health put their reputations on the line by choosing to tow the political line instead of staying true to the scientific one.

A recent study compiled from the numbers tracked by the NY Times for infection rates compared states with mask mandates and those without. Not surprising, the graphs line up almost identically. There is no statistical difference between the two camps. In fact, during the Omicron spike, it could be shown that states with no mask mandates did fair a little better with infection rates.

This isn’t new. I’ve oft quoted from a hybrid study published on the CDC’s own website, which was an analysis of 10 different studies on the spread of influenza in masked vs. unmasked environments. That study, pre-Covid, showed the same thing – there is no difference. In fact, a few of the studies showed an increase in spread among the masked population and hypothesized that wearing a face covering may make a person more prone to touch their face. Germs carried on fingers find their way into warm, moist openings like eyes, noses and mouths, all areas where the mask is.

Additionally, Tracy Beth Hoeg, who is both a PhD and an MD testified yesterday in California in opposition to AB2098. That Democrat introduced bill seeks to punish any doctor if accused of spreading Covid mis/disinformation. As she testifies, what started as misinformation came to pass as true, while other “facts” turned out to be false. The consensus in science can change very quickly in light of new information and we ought not limit scientists and researchers from being able to challenge conventional wisdom.

What we are continually seeing is how the Left does not want freedom for all – only for themselves and that is not how our Constitution was designed. They want to fundamentally change this nation, giving themselves the freedoms they want, while putting limitations in place for the rest of us.

Finally, we end a lighter note. We can thank our Vice President for bringing us an other episode of Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris. We will be treated on her thoughts about space.

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