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Biden conflates Title 42 and masks and Libs of Tik Tok bigger than ever

In today’s episode, I start off with President Biden seeming to conflate the issue of rescinding Title 42 with the mask mandate being found unconstitutional. It’s an odd sound bite, showing the Commander in Chief seems confused about the question and ends up blending two completely different topics into one.

And, as it relates to masks, MSNBC’s Dr. Patel has a great idea for people who don’t like the mask mandate being dropped on public transportation. First, she wants you to carry several extra masks and some rapid tests with you and ask the people you are sitting by to use them. To make it even better, she says you should lie to them about your sick, elderly mother or your cancer-ridden child at home. This mask dependence is a form of mental illness. It makes no more sense to make others wear a mask to protect you as it would be to ask them to put on a coat to help keep you warm.

This leads to my main topic today, which is in how the Taylor Lorenz hit-piece published by the Washington Post seems to be backfiring in spectacular fashion. When I first commented on the story, the Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok had almost 670,000 followers. Just a few days later, they are now close to 920,000 and growing. So, while the woman who runs the account was doxxed by Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post, which was an effort to cause financial, social and even physical harm to a private citizen, it seems to have failed.

To help illustrate, I go through just a few examples of the people who have posted their views online, which were then shared on the Libs of Tik Tok account. It’s amazing that so many mentally unwell and unstable people are supposed to be lionized as heroes, especially when they are in classrooms. It’s shocking to me the legacy media seems more concerned about going after parents and lawmakers who want to protect children, while protecting those people who are bent on doing significant mental harm on children. It’s like we’ve entered the dystopian world of The Hunger Games, where we are living in the real world out on the fringes, while the capitol is full of gender-fluid, cross-dressing hedonists living a Bacchanalian existence.

In closing, I once again remind parents to stay involved with their children. Don’t ask open-ended questions about what happened in school. Ask for specifics. If there is a hint of concern, meet with the teach. Meet with the principal. Meet with the school board. Stay involved and do not let the most twisted and radical elements of fringe society continue to think it is okay to warp and confuse children, while driving a wedge between them and their parents.

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