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Why not play the videos on Libs of Tik Tok and Kamala unburdened

In today’s episode, I open with little Brian Stelter once again showing his proclivity to avoid the truth and shape his own biased narrative. After trying to paint the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account as stoking hatred, he bemoans how it has ruined the progress made toward accepting people with alternative lifestyles. Seems as though Brian Stelter isn’t seeing the same videos we are, but, he is notorious for having that problem.

If CNN’s Brian Stelter is so sure the Libs of Tik Tok is doing something awful, why doesn’t he play the videos and explain them himself? Why are we only told what he “believes” to be true, rather than letting us see and hear for ourselves? I mean, anyone can still visit the Libs of Tik Tok site themselves and see the videos, so why not put them on CNN? If he is so sure about the point he is making, wouldn’t that go a long way to solidifying his point?

Well, we all know why he and others on the Left refuse to do that. They know the Libs of Tik Tok site simply reposts the videos from people who have already published them to the world. No one had their computer hacked or their videos altered. It’s simply a case of letting the person tell you who they are with their own words. So, to help, I play a few more examples of what has been posted.

The reality is, elites do not like regular, ordinary Americans. They despise having to be around the great, unwashed masses that make up the melting pot of our country. They want to insulate themselves from the riffraff and bask in the light of their elitism.

To further illustrate this, I use a simple tweet from a regular commentator on CNN and MSNBC. He’s a lawyer by the name of Tristan Snell. Tristan is obviously educated, but he’s not too bright. He tried to illustrate a point about Disney having 80,000 employees in Florida and Governor DeSantis only won in 2018 by 32,000 votes. He has come to the mathematical conclusion that he will not do well in his bid for re-election after pulling Disney’s exemption from many of the state’s taxes and regulations. It’s sheer stupidity on display by someone trying to be cute and clever. The idea that the radical, fringe minority shouting the loudest represent 100% of the Disney workforce tells you all you need to about these elites.

Finally, to give you some levity, we look at VP Kamala Harris. Looks like she just lost another member of her staff, bringing the total now to 13 people who have left the sinking ship. Maybe it’s because Kamala herself is unburdened with her own job expectations to realize what a pathetic clown she really is. However, we have a montage of what may be her favorite phrase to share. Enjoy!

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