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Disinformation Governance Board supported by spreaders of disinformation

In today’s episode, I continue discussing the formation of the Disinformation Governance Board and the support it’s getting from spreaders of disinformation. It’s clear the newly named Director, Nina Jankowicz is the poster child for spreading many of the false news stories when they were first being parroted by most of the legacy media and Big Tech. She just naturally goes with the Leftist narrative and never stopped to question the veracity of the news she was simply regurgitating.

This leads me to remind everyone that journalism cannot exist if those in the profession lack two very basic traits. The first is to have a natural curiosity. It’s great to have a source tell you something, but there needs to be a piece that wants to know more, to dig deeper, to not just rely on one source. Even if the source is impeccable, having a natural curiosity will drive you to ask follow-up questions meant to confirm you’ve gotten the whole story.

But, along with curiosity, a real journalist must also exhibit a healthy degree of skepticism. Even if you really want to believe the story, you have to always be mindful that belief and truth are two separate things. Just because someone really believes what they are telling you, doesn’t make it true. It may “feel” true to them, but facts to exist in the emotional space. Feelings have nothing to do with facts. When journalists fail to question what they are hearing or learning, they are no longer in the news business, but in the propaganda business.

Brian Stelter of CNN is an amazing propagandist. He is so good at presenting his argument (or story) in a way that makes it sound so believable. Yet, all it takes is just a fingernail scratch below the surface to see that it’s all built on a narrative, which has nothing to do with truth. As a member of the press, he seem not only okay with government censorship, but also mocks those who seem against it. Might we remind him and all others in the press of what the First Amendment says and why it was created in the first place?

Whether it’s Moira Whelan, Director of National Democratic Institute, CNN Media Analyst David Zurawik or CNN’s Brian Stelter himself, what they are doing is as far away from journalism as they can get for their audience. They are literally saying the vast majority of Americans “don’t think” and cannot be trusted with freedom of speech. Freedoms must be curtailed, regulated, moderated and controlled. What they are really saying is they should have the freedom to speak, but no one else. Unfortunately, in their near-sighted zealotry, they are missing the danger of what happens when the Executive branch swings over to a Republican president? Will they be equally happy with that administration having the power to curtail the speech they don’t like?

This is why the Founding Fathers were very clear about the freedoms we have and why government must be forbidden from trampling on them. Our freedoms should not be subject to the political whims of the day, but rather a pillar of certainty designed to withstand whichever way the political winds blow.

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