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Everything is ultra with President Joe Biden

In today’s episode, it’s time to look at President Biden’s preoccupation with the word “ultra.” He seems ultra concerned about ultra-MAGA doing ultra-damage to our country. He’s definitely ultra obsessed.

The bulk of today’s show deals with his ultra-terrible presser from yesterday on the state of the economy and how his plan is working. I’m not sure what metrics he’s focusing on, or if he is just reading the words without any comprehension whatsoever, but his plan is the problem. It has been the problem since he took office. His administration rescinded just about every policy of the previous administration and began to implement the far Left environmentalist policies of the Green New Deal. In what can only be considered an ultra quick way to make American last, Biden has decided to double-down on the same plan that has us at over 8% inflation, a failing domestic policy and an even worse foreign policy.

After going through his speech and pointing out so many errors and outright lies, I do turn to the ongoing issue surrounding our Supreme Court Justices. Outgoing Press Secretary Jen Psaki is now advocating for protesters to keep breaking the law. And, according to her statement to the press, so does President Biden. Which brings me to a comment from a Federal judge in New Jersey.

Judge Esther Salas was appointed to the district court by President Obama. Her only son was murdered in 2020 by a gunman posing as a delivery man who was intent on assassinating her, simply for doing her job as a judge. Judge Salas not only wants to see judges protected, she thinks Congress needs to pass even stronger laws to all Judges to carry out their duty with fear of attack or reprisal.

As long as Joe Biden and the people in his administration believe in mob rule, no one is ever really safe. They do not believe in our Constitution nor in the rule of law. They only operate under one pretext, the ends justify the means. If it takes intimidation, violence, breaking the law or worse, as long as it helps to achieve their ends, it’s justifiable.

For me, that makes it ultra wrong and the ultra wrong way for our country to be headed. This is the time I wish we really could call on Ultraman to help battle the monsters that seem to be all around us.

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