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Democrats angry we are a Republic and abortion helps inflation

In today’s episode, we deal with the “show vote” that took place yesterday by Democrats to try to pass the most radical and offensive abortion law this country has ever seen. While saying they were trying to codify Roe v. Wade, what they were actually doing was expanding abortion up to the very instant of birth and wiping away hundreds of existing state laws in one fell swoop.

What’s so disheartening is hearing elected lawmakers wail about what they want while seeming to have no understanding of how our government works. We need to revisit “I’m Just a Bill,” by Schoolhouse Rock! For nearly 50 years, the Legislative branch could have passed a federal law codifying Roe v. Wade, but they didn’t. Now they want to moan over their overreach failing by a bipartisan vote.

Rather than admit they lost, they are lying to us about the facts. They first blame the filibuster, arguing it needs to be removed. How does a filibuster come into being when it was never called upon prior to the vote? Why would the filibuster matter when a majority voted NO on the bill? It was 51 NO votes compared to 49 YES votes. The bill lost by a majority of senators.

But, that’s not good enough for the likes of Senator Elizabeth Warren who lied to the people saying the majority should get its way. Based on how I learned math, it seems they did, but not to Fauxcahontas. When she says, “the majority should get its way,” what she means is SHE and her rabid band of extreme Leftists should get their way, regardless of their numbers.

On top of this, yet another senator be-clowns herself with a tweet. Senator Amy Klobuchar lies about the bill, saying it was an attempt to “codify Roe v. Wade,” when it was a massive overreach beyond that. Second, she confirms what I’ve been telling you since last week – Democrats are going to run on this issue as the single-most important issue Americans are facing. Nothing else is more important.

Senator Joe Manchin seems to be one of the few Democrats with any sense of integrity or knowledge of basic American civics. He truthfully said he would not be voting for the bill because, “It’s an expansion. It wipes 500 state laws off the books. It expands abortion.” Finally, an honest appraisal from a Democrat lawmaker.

Host Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC did his best to help his guest explain why the expansion of abortion was so important in these tough times of inflation. His guest, Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) said inflation and abortion go hand-in-hand. When times are tough, families need to be able to make the choice to control the size of their own families. I cannot make this up! She is literally justifying the killing of an unborn baby for convenience, solely because the policies of this White House are hurting everyday, ordinary American families.

Finally, I end with a speech President Joe Biden gave yesterday in Chicago where he gets mad and rails about MAGA people and food lines from the last administration – whatever that means. I have no idea to what he is referring, but maybe you do? He doubled-down on his plan that he swears will lower the price of goods and make things more affordable. He says this at the very moment his administration has announced is is canceling an enormous Alaska oil and gas lease sale along with two others in the Gulf of Mexico. J

It’s astounding to witness. We have recording setting gasoline prices and while he claims to feel the pain of average Americans, is doing all he can to hurt them further. These midterms are more than just a choice for representation. It needs to be a referendum on the radical, environmentalist, Green New Deal policies that have driven every America-last decision this administration has pushed upon us.

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