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America’s biggest problems and Biden gets credit for all of them

In today’s episode, I dive into a brand new Pew Research Center poll listing the top 12 biggest problems facing Americans in this country. If you are to believe the President, the White House, Democrat politicians, the Legacy media and Big Tech, it’s Abortion and Ukraine. Those are the two top problems facing the nation. Unfortunately, that is not what the average American believes. In fact, neither abortion nor Ukraine are anywhere on the list.

What is the single-most concern for Americans? Inflation! 70% say it is a very big problem followed by 23% calling it a moderately big problem. That’s 93% of Americans. And that falls squarely at the feet of President Joe Biden.

The next biggest problem is affordability of health care, followed by violent crime, gun violence and the federal budget deficit. All of these are domestic policy issues that are directly attributed to the policies of the White House and Democrats.

The very last item on the list, with just 19% saying it’s a very big problem is coronavirus. It is in the top 12, and only 1 in 5 Americans (regardless of party) see it as major problem.

This can only lead one to conclude that Joe Biden and his Administration are not just going after the ultra-MAGA crowd or those on the right. The policies are hurting all Americans. There is no other conclusion to reach. Inflation, health care costs, violent crime, gun violence and the deficit cut across parties, ethnicity, backgrounds and beliefs. And that is why they are polling so miserably in this election cycle. They are trying to manufacture two issues as being the most important and they do not even come close to being on the list.

All they do is lie and spin and do more to harm America. They are implementing an America-last agenda and they are having unimaginable success in doing so. Jen Psaki was lying about tax dollars buying crack pipes for “safe smoking kits.” The White House Twitter account wants you to believe there was no vaccine until Joe Biden took office. They also want you to believe this Administration created 8.3M jobs. You cannot take credit for “creating” a job when Americans are finally being allowed to go back to the jobs they had prior to the lock-downs. They were not created! And now, Dr. Anthony Fauci was heard testifying to Congress that there were no lock-downs in the United States.

Where is Comrade Jankowicz? Where is the help in combating the mis- dis- and mal-information? I’ll tell you where…she is busy trying to get verified Twitter account holders to have the ability to edit the content of other people’s tweets!

We are living in the most dangerous and bizarre time in America and we must be vigilant and fight back against the push to fundamentally transform America.

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