Jean-Pierre stumbles
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Biden hypocrisy, Jean-Pierre stumbles and USA on wrong track

In today’s episode, we open with the utter hypocrisy of President Joe Biden dropping everything and heading to Buffalo, NY when he could never make time to go to Waukesha, WI or Brooklyn, NY. The narrative of the Buffalo matches with what is politically expedient, while the latter two don’t serve to help radically transform America.

That’s what you have to remember. It’s not about stopping hate or preventing these mass hate-crimes. It’s only about the “right” kind of hate-crime that will aid the Democrats in reducing freedoms for the law-abiding while aiding the criminals. That is not a sarcastic line. I really mean it.

When the Buffalo killer says he chose New York because the gun laws would mean less chance to run into an armed civilian, it’s hard to take it any other way. Laws restricting access to the 2nd Amendment strive to hurt the law-abiding citizen, while aiding the criminal. When asked about why the President was able to clear up his schedule for Buffalo, but never Waukesha, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre deflected and said Joe Biden has been to many other gatherings. What she failed to mention is only when the perpetrator has been white. All the others have been ignored.

Speaking of our new Press Secretary, she made a point of calling out her own personal demographics as she started her briefing. She wanted everyone to know she is a black, gay, female immigrant. It’s important, I guess, to let us know those check-boxes have been marked and what seems to be what qualifiers her for the position. Yet this imminently qualified individual could not answer a simple question about how Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals would bring down inflation? It’s a simple question.

After stammering and then moving to vapid talking points about “fair share” and rich not paying enough, she was asked again, how does that bring down inflation? For some reason, she decided to hit additional talking points, this time about climate change and it being an existential threat and cops and factory workers should not be paying more in taxes than their rich bosses. It was an avalanche of nonsense being regurgitated from every Democrat campaign slogan for the past decade.

Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana believes the administration is made up of two groups: Washington elites who are out-of-touch with real Americans and the overly-woke, virtue-signaling mob who have no idea what they are doing but thing they are the smartest people in the room. It’s a sad, but true statement about what comprises this current White House.

Finally, Joe Biden is really angry that Americans keep saying government spending is the cause of inflation. He wants us all to know that it is not true. Even though that is the very definition of inflation, Joe Biden is upset that people believe it. All that demonstrates is from the President to his Press Secretary and everyone in between, none of them seem to be in touch with reality.

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