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Conversation with State Senator Chuck Hufstetler GA-52 on his opponent

In today’s bonus episode of Conversations, we sit down with State Senator Chuck Hufstetler (GA-52) to discuss the situation with his opponent and why he decided to file the lawsuit questioning that person’s eligibility. Additionally, he wanted to address some of the accusations that had been levied against him, both by his opponent and a local newspaper.

There does not appear to be any indication that Senate Bill 120 was modified or amended by Senator Hufstetler. The language adding a criteria for qualifying seems to have been initially suggested by the House of Representatives in March of 2021. However, the bill sat dormant for the return of the legislative session in early 2022. The bill was then moved through several procedural steps beginning in February and was eventually voted on and passed on March 1, 2022. The bill was then moved to the Governor’s desk and signed into law on the 2nd of March, 2022. The new language for qualifying came into effect five (5) days before qualifying.

It was shortly after when Senator Hufstetler was made aware of the violation and decided to file the lawsuit to have the matter decided by the courts. According to the Senator, until recently, the Ethics Commission could not initiate a complaint and it meant a citizen had to file.

In the midst of this, the situation has lasted longer than the Senator had wanted and recognizes it has been a bad situation all around. He hopes the situation is resolved, one way or another, quickly and implores all voters to not let this keep you from voting. Our duty as American citizens is too important to be ignored.

As we close, the Senator hopes people will look at his record and vote how they best see fit. He also hopes voters get to the polls again in November, because the country has some significant challenges ahead and Georgia needs to remain the economic envy of the rest of the country.

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