Jeanne Seaver for Lt. Governor
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Conversations with Jeanne Seaver for Lt. Governor for Georgia

In today’s bonus episode of Conversations, I spent time with Jeanne Seaver who is running for Lt. Governor for the state of Georgia. Jeanne Seaver has been a community leader, a child-advocate, a non-profit Founder, a Conservative activist, and a successful businesswoman who began working at the young age of 11. She has worked in the Service Industry, and Corporate America in the legal and private equity in aviation field for over 50 years. All while raising three children of her own. 

As a Conservative Business Woman and Consultant, Seaver has helped to elect Republicans and enact effective Conservative policies at the local, state, and national levels.

An early Trump supporter, Jeanne was honored when the Trump campaign recognized her talents and hired her as their Georgia Grassroots Coordinator in 2015. Seaver’s organizational and coalition-building skills contributed to a big Trump victory in the 2016 Primary, and helped elect our 45th President.

Seaver’s years of political activism and advocacy for at-risk populations, have given her an outsider’s perspective combined with an understanding of the political process that will be an asset in the Lt. Governor’s office.

An advocate for the Fair Tax and for making sure schools are a place for education and not indoctrination, Jeanne believes in putting the power in the hands of the people, not the government.

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