Joe Biden has the Midas Touch
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Joe Biden has the Midas Touch in our Bizarro World

In today’s episode I open with a local interest news story from Channel 9 News in Concord, NH. The story is from November of 2021. The subject is of a mother who finds it more and more difficult to find infant formula. I follow that up with a rather angry sound bite from Democrat Representative Rosa DeLauro who has been tasked by the White House to oversee the infant formula crisis.

Guess what? She is furious with the FDA. She calls out the timeline, pinpointing the first complaint in September of 2021, followed by an identified whistle-blower in October who wasn’t even interviewed until December of 2021. The FDA didn’t even get onsite until early 2022 and then shut down the Abbott facility in February. She said the FDA and Abbott are both culpable on dragging their feet and they didn’t do anything for months.

What do we expect from this Administration. Everything Joe Biden and his Administration touches turns to crap. He is the opposite of King Midas. In fact, Joe Biden is the King Midas of Bizarro World, where everything is the opposite of what we have come to expect – left is right, up is down, good is bad. It stands to reason, our Commander-in-Chief has the Bizarro World Midas Touch.

From coming into office and reversing every America-first policy, including energy independence, to leaving our border open, not doing anything about the fentanyl over-dose crisis in the U.S., which is the leading cause of deaths in 18-45 year olds, and flooding the economy with so much money, he has devalued the dollar. Even more, his debacle in the handling of Afghanistan is what led Putin to make his move in Ukraine. And while they claim to want to do all they can to get lower the prices at the pump, all they keep doing is shutting down the fossil fuel industry.

In the face of all of this, Thomas Friedman has the audacity to write in the NYTimes, how Joe Biden ran on being the great uniter and seems depressed he hasn’t been able to make that happen. Well, Joe, here’s an idea, maybe stop calling half of America Ultra-MAGA, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic white supremacists. Do you think that might be a start toward unification? On top of that, how about putting American first, instead of doing all you can to destroy our nation?

In the midst of this embarrassing president, we learned today, from J. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group, they are in the midst of inventing an individual carbon footprint tracker. The chuch of the radical environmentalists wants to track each of us to see just how much carbon we consume and whether or not we are bad for the world. It’s something I would expect to read in a dystopian novel, not see applauded.

Wrapping up, I mention three people who each deserve a special call-out for their achievements in individual stupidity. First, Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t seem to understand the Catholic church. Second, Stacey Abrams acknowledges the state of Georgia is the number one state in which to do business, but she says it is the worst state in the country to live. Finally, little Brian Stelter should henceforth be know as Tom Parsons, a character from George Orwell’s, “1984.”

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