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Guns, inflation, misery, faux empathy and a two-tiered system

In today’s episode, we need to cover several items from the last 24 hours since we last chatted. First, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says President Joe Biden does not want to see efforts to harden schools as possible targets. For some reason, the White House and just about every other building in D.C. is a hardened facility, but schools are out of the question in the Biden Administration.

As far at the Democrats are concerned, they have the magic answer to the problem. Simply ban guns. Confiscate them all and the problem of gun violence goes away. Needless to say, it’s sophomoric fantasy thinking on overdrive. And to add to their hypocrisy, there were 51 shootings over the 3-day Memorial Day holiday in Chicago, a Democrat run city with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. It seems as if criminals do not care how many laws you pass. But, according to the Wizards of Smart in the Democrat party, simply passing a law making all fire arms illegal will make all of those ne’er-do-wells step up and turn in their guns.

Next, the Press Secretary was asked if Biden accepted any part of inflation because of their policies or is it all Putin’s fault. As is often the case, Karine Jean-Pierre dished out a healthy dose of word salad talking about everything other than an answer to the question.

When asked about how the President feels knowing the price of a gallon of gasoline is now greater than the Federal minimum hourly wage, Jean-Pierre had the audacity to say Biden understands that feeling personally. With the wealth Biden has had flowing into the Biden Crime Family for decades, it’s laughable to think he has even an inkling of what it feels like to be financially strapped because of his bad foreign and domestic policies. They want you to believe they do, but it’s empty words as compared to their anti-fossil fuel agenda.

Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) was asked who are the economic advisers giving the Biden Administration such horrible advice. Hice admits he has no idea, but was clear when he said inflation is 100% Biden’s fault. It’s his problem and what does he do, he points the finger and blames everyone else but himself or his Administration.

Finally, I end with a discussion over the not guilty verdict handed down in the Michael Sussman trial. With three jurors who financially contributed to Hillary Clinton and one who gave to AOC, it’s amazing they took they time they did to even deliberate. The evidence for guilt was overwhelming, but in the bluest of blue cities, picking a jury might as well be the equivalent of asking random members of the DNC to sit on the panel.

But, in spite of the loss, Special Counsel John Durham did get on the record the fact the Hillary campaign fabricated the Alpha Bank Russia story, fed it to the media and the FBI and that Hillary Clinton approved the hoax. It may be a small victory, but there is no denying the FBI was weaponized to go after a sitting president and they did so with gusto.

We seem to already have a two-tiered justice system and are well on the way to a two-tiered society, comprised of the Elites on one side, who get one set of rules, and then the rest of us who have to comply by an alternative set. What’s worse, if those agencies were willing to go after an American president in 2016, what were they willing to do in 2020?

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