mass-shootings and mob psychology
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Mass-shootings and mob psychology plus Biden admin does not feel the pain

In today’s episode, I felt compelled to open by trying to address the question we keep hearing, “Why are these mass-shootings keep happening and seemingly more often?” It’s a very complex question and to think the answer is simply banning guns, then you are completely missing just how complex it is.

The best way to illustrate is to once again dive into the psychology of how a gathering of people can turn into a riotous mob. While individuals within the mob may be law-abiding citizens, the energy and the power of the mob helps to justify acting in a lawless fashion. As the mob becomes more and more violent and more feel empowered to participate, the damage and the carnage grows.

The same seems to be happening as it relates to violent criminality. It’s not just guns, because we have always had them. In fact, the percentage of gun-owners has not changed over the last 50 years. So, that isn’t the answer.

Hard problems are usually met with difficult solutions, which may explain why politicians are unwilling to really work on the issue of mass-shootings. Quick, universal, one-size-fits-all problem-solving is all they seem to want. Unfortunately, that almost never brings the desired outcome. Instead, we need to recognize we have been waging war on the police for the last few decades, culminating to the 2020 BLM riots where cities across the nation were convinced all violence was the result of bad policing. Calls to defund or disband police coupled with a non-stop call to end masculinity, defining it as toxic to our society. Now, add fatherless homes, depression and isolation from both social media and the lock-downs and we see what a big problem we have in today’s culture. It cannot be fixed overnight.

In the meantime, President Joe Biden is living in a land of make-believe. He commented last Friday that since he took office, families are carrying less debt and more Americans feel financially comfortable. I don’t know anyone living in reality who would say, let alone believe that. His poll numbers are falling faster than any president in history and he is seething that his standing is now worse than Donald Trumps. He is totally incompetent at everything he does, but because he lives in Candy Land, doesn’t believe any of the problems are of his doing. And, rest assured, they are all of his doing. He could change direction if he wanted, but until he believes he is responsible, he will never correct course.

It is now so bad, even Brian Stelter from CNN had to recognize that the policies of the White House don’t really affect TV anchors or senior White House advisors. In an interview with Senior Biden Advisor Gene Sperling, Stelter put him on the hot seat and got Sperling to admit, “I’m not gonna try to say I feel that pain personally.” If the president, his staff and the vast majority of mainstream elites don’t feel the pain of their policies, why would we expect them to realize what a failure they are?

Finally, I end with a comment from The Morning Joe, where Joe Scarborough is lamenting how people like Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino and Candace Owens have more engagement online than progressives. He also cried over how unfair it is for the NYT or CNN to have less followers than The Daily Wire. Once again, when you live in a fairy tale world, you have a hard time understanding anything about the real world. Maybe, if they could be honest with themselves, they’d realize why they continue to lose credibility, while new media continues to grow.

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