January 6 Committee and Solar Panels
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Jan 6 reality show, Joe wants solar panels and some great health news

In today’s episode, I open with the newest announced primetime reality TV show, The January 6 Committee Hearings! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats have found the third leg of their midterm elections campaign and are sparing no expense in making it an extravaganza! First we had the Roe v. Wade leak, putting abortion on the table, then we have had mass-shootings, putting the gun control debate on the table. Now enter the third act in this twisted drama being perpetrated on the American people.

On the heels of Democrats hiring ABC veteran news director, James Goldston, to turn the proceedings into the primetime television event of the season, the New York Times has given us their gleeful plan for the fall. According to them, the January 6 hearings will “give Democrats a chance to recast the midterm message.”

Think about what they are admitting with that headline. They want to use the hearings as a way to “recast” the midterm message. They are admitting everything Joe Biden touches has turned rotten and they have no winning play heading into November. But, wait! Let’s hire a television news director to help us create a primetime special, with all of the reality of professional wrestling. Every Democrat running for office can then use it to remind their voters how all Republicans are seditious white supremacists.

Now we know, with these two moves, this committee has nothing substantive to deliver. They already have the legacy media on their side, ready to propagandize whatever grandstanding they were planning. They have Big Tech ready to suppress truth and promote the approved narrative. Why go through all this trouble to turn it into a primetime reality series unless they know they have nothing to run on in the Fall and are hoping this is their Hail Mary pass into the end zone?

The next topic moves to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who cannot seem to figure out how to answer the questions being asked by reporters. Today’s romp into word salad and reading prepared sales pitches deals with Biden’s latest act of stupidity. Joe Biden has now invoked the Defense Production Act to build (wait for it)…solar panels! Yes, apparently there is some emergency in the solar panel sector requiring the President to invoke the Defense Production Act. What is that emergency? Well, you’ll have to hear KJP attempt to answer that, but don’t hold your breath. She is incapable of addressing the question, but we should never question her qualifications as a gay, black, female, immigrant.

What’s even worse than KJP’s babbling is Joe Biden’s fabrication over how he has produced the strongest, fastest, most wide-spread economic recovery America has ever experienced – with record jobs, record small businesses and wages rising. For any who believe this drivel, I only need 5 minutes to bring down that shameful house of cards.

Finally, to end on a positive note, I have two health stories, one on exercise shows to help grow and expand gray matter in your brain. Second, a new clinical trial of a cancer drug had a 100% success rate in those who participated.

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