Kavanaugh threatened and boy crisis
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Kavanaugh threatened, KJP is really bad, the boy crisis and mocking conservative women

In today’s episode, I open with a man arrested outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home with burglary tools and a gun. The threat on the life of the Supreme Court Justice can be tied back to when Senate Majority Chuck Schumer incited violence against him and Judge Gorsuch in 2020.

While 83% of the country believes the policies of this White House have America headed in the wrong direction, Press Secretary KJP once again fails to answer direct questions. She chooses to read prepared bullet points and sales pitches, rather than speak succinctly to the press, which is, after all, supposedly her job.

Governor Kathy Hochul is proud the state of New York leads the nation with some of the toughest gun laws around and is tightening them even more. Seems she and others in the state failed to read the manifesto by the Buffalo Killer who specifically chose to commit the crime in her state for that very reason. He knew there would be a much less likely chance of anyone returning fire due to strict gun laws.

This leads me to discuss a thoughtful piece found in the New York Daily News. “Mass-shootings are part of society’s boy crisis,” by Warren Farrell. While I have touched on many of the same root issues, Farrell’s piece helped to fill in some additional gaps in the discussion and provides specific solutions based in having father’s involved and keeping traditional family dynamics in check. He also warns of about the continuing war on maleness and masculinity as being a major part of the boy crisis.

That piece then led me to a discussion over a recent conference held by Turning Point USA for women. The point of the conference was to remind women of how empowering it is to put love, family and community ahead of career, casual hook-ups and identity politics. The woke Left wants nothing to do with what they consider “traditional” values because to them, they are ways of holding women back. It’s sad, really, to see how self-deluded they are, because women who embrace the lifestyle the Left advocates find themselves less fulfilled, aimless and unhappy.

As a society, if we really want to start moving toward less violence and less hatred, we are going to have to realize how disastrous the Leftist views have been toward family and the roles men and women were meant to fulfill. We have to understand that men and women are, in fact, different, but can be equals. They each possess traits that help to support the other. The sooner we can start reminding our sons and daughters of that, the sooner we can start healing our broken culture.

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