January 6 Committee Circus
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Scripted, one-sided, edited and designed to recast the midterms

In today’s episode, I break down the primetime event of the reality TV season, the January 6 Committee Hearings. To start off, I go back and pull some bites of my earlier analysis of what I expected to hear and see. If you remember, I stated the entire goal of the hearing was to give flailing Democrats a Hail Mary pass to try to recast the midterms in their favor. They hired a TV news executive and documentary filmmaker to help them create pieces and align the narratives for the greatest emotional impact. I even predicted their goal would be to paint every Republican as a seditious, white supremacist bent on overthrowing our Constitution.

It didn’t take Committee Chair Bennie Thompson more than 20 seconds into his personal introduction to evoke the words “slavery”, “Ku Klux Klan” and “lynching.” He didn’t even try to be sly about their intent. Just as I had predicted, their goal is to paint everyone who votes Republican this November with those same words.

When does a legal hearing of any kind have only one side of the argument represented? There is supposed to be a prosecution and a defense. Well, if Liz Cheney (R-WY) was representing the defense, you could have fooled me. She spent her whole opening diatribe blaming Donald Trump for everything and did it with a steely-eyed, cold delivery. She is the epitome of the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

On top of the one-sided, scripted narrative, they kludged together a 12 minute video of the events of January 6, 2021. I noticed the timelines of shots started to shift, rather then remain in chronological order. But, what happened at the end told me all I need to know about these hearings. While the video was showing some loud and demonstrative rioters at the Capitol, they brought in a voice-over of Donald Trump. The words were Trump’s comment on the state of the crowd who was in attendance at his speech, not at the Capitol. So, while he was heaping praise for those who were half a mile away from the Capitol, the Committee wanted you to believe he was saying that about the rioters.

It’s the same thing Adam Schiff got caught doing when discussing the Zelensky call in 2019’s impeachment. When the transcript was released in it’s entirety, Schiff had to admit he was parodying the call and embellished it to make is sound worse. That’s what this video was. They used selective moments, edited for effect and then intentionally misttributed a quote from Donald Trump to make it sound worse. It’s not surprising to see this tactic, given Adam Schiff is on the panel. But, what do they tell jurors when a witness has been caught perjuring themselves? If any part of their testimony is found to be fraudulent, it is reasonable to assume the rest is and can be ignored. That one moment of the video was this committee’s act of perjury.

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