Inflation is worse
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Alan agrees with me, Inflation is worse and this Administration laughs at you

In today’s episode, I open with a reflection over last Friday’s show, covering my thoughts on the primetime January 6 Hearing. Nothing makes me feel better than to hit the bullseye before anyone else. After all, isn’t that why so many tune in daily to hear my show? It turns out noted Constitutional law expert, Alan Dershowitz saw the spectacle in nearly identical terms. I find that good company in which to find myself.

Moving onto the inflation numbers, is there any doubt over how poorly Joe Biden and his Administration is handling domestic policy. Although, as I’ve argued, I think this is exactly what the fringe Leftists in the party really want. They don’t care how much they hurt average Americans as long as their war on fossil fuels remains in undeterred.

The President continues to lie about how well Americans are doing and continues to say he has created the strongest job market where families carry less debt and have more savings. He keeps trying to convince us that what are seeing with our own eyes is not reality. Unfortunately, it is he who is living in Candy Land.

CNN is on the attack, no longer allowing senior economic advisors like Cecilia Rouse to get away with blaming Putin or Ukraine. And even Joe Scarborough on the MSNBC show The Morning Joe were suddenly thankful Joe Manchin (D-WV) had killed the $6 trillion Build Back Better bill. Even more shocking, their guest, Steve Rattner, former head of President Obama’s Auto Task Force and writer for the NYTimes, not only agreed, but said we are likely going to be dealing with inflation for the next year or two.

To remind you of how many times they lied about inflation or tried to dismiss it, I have a montage of sound bites from May of 2021 through April of 2022. Keep that in mind whenever you hear Joe Biden or his staff take to the microphone. They have been wrong about everything so far. Why believe them now?

Finally, Real Clear Politics released a brand new favorability poll and Biden has now sunk to a 39.3% favorability. That’s down from 39.7% just a few days ago. No matter how hard they lie about the economy, try to blame Putin or use the January 6 Hearing to recast the midterms, they do not deserve reelection. Their policies are hurting all but the elites, regardless of party affiliation. We are all suffering and they do not care.

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