Second Amendment prevails
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Second Amendment prevails and legacy media aids a lying White House

In today’s episode, the first segment discusses the Supreme Court decision to uphold the second amendment, striking down a New York law meant to abridge the freedom of law-abiding Americans. Predictably, the Left is losing it’s mind and reveals they have no real understanding on the Constitution. Either that, or they know it, but fundamentally despise it and want to see it replaced.

This gives me a chance to introduce a new segment called, “Tossin’ with Toobin,” where CNN”s Jeffrey Toobin is tossed a question and we see just how messy he gets. He suffers from serious ignorance over the Constitution and demonstrates his Leftist ideology. So, too, does Governor Kathy Hochul of New York. Using her own words, it seems she doesn’t realize she is advocating for all Americans to have access to the same weapons used on the battlefield.

Next we move into a statement by the Washington Post’s Michelle Singletary who says a great deal of Americans might be uncomfortable spending more, but they are not going to go under and should stop complaining and suck it up. This allows me to remind everyone about the Rasmussen poll we discussed yesterday, showing the huge divide between voters and members of the legacy/mainstream media.

Finally, Joe Biden is still trying to convince the country that inflation is not his fault, we are not headed to a recession and he is doing all he can to bring down the price of gasoline at the pump. He has also found an new group to blame for high gas prices – the gas station owners. He says that we are in a time of war and since these are not normal times, station owners need to drop their prices now.

Unfortunately, once again, this President is either willfully ignorant or intentionally misleading. Either way, we have a White House totally out-of-touch with the average American. Even Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is contradicting the eminently qualified, Karine Jean-Pierre, over the positions the White House is trying to drive. As Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) says, the only way to fix the problem is the flood the country with our own oil and to have consistency in our energy production policies. Good luck with that, given this White House is not only tone deaf, they are hellbent on killing that industry, while simultaneously blaming them for prices.

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