Congressman Barry Loudermilk
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Conversation with Congressman Barry Loudermilk

Today’s bonus show is a conversation with US Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) from Georgia’s 11th Congressional district. The Congressman has been in the crosshairs of the January 6th Committee hearings since the beginning of 2022. In the midst of the run-ups to the primaries in Georgia, they put out a press release all but condemning the Congressman for hosting a reconnaissance tour of the Capitol on January 5, 2021.

Congressman Loudermilk refuted the accusation and thought that would be the end of it. After all, the Capitol was locked down and guarded. Then the committee released a further statement saying they had images of him conducting the tour and needed him to testify before the Committee.

For those who may not know, the Capitol Complex consists of 22 buildings interconnected above and below ground. It’s where congressional offices are located throughout along with artwork, artifacts and historical items. The “recon” tour turned out to be a tour of the office where the Congressman works and was for constituents from his own district who were visiting the nation’s Capitol.

After weeks of smears from the January 6th Committee, the Capitol Police released a statement stating they had reviewed all of the video footage and found no cause for concern. They went so far as to say they are trained to know what to look for in people who are attempting to gain intelligence anywhere in the complex and found nothing at all at play with the Congressman.

But, that wasn’t good enough for the Committee, who then released on social media another smear, this time with still pictures showing people in the group taking pictures. They alleged it proved they were taking pictures of stairwells and security checkpoints. What they didn’t do is show an angle reflecting what was really being photographed. Much like the rest of the J6 hearing, it was edited, taken out of context and presented in a way to reflect their narrative, but not the truth.

We then talked about some of the fantastic rulings from the Supreme Court over the last two weeks. We have seen huge wins for the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment. These wins were also for our Constitution, which was being followed as originally intended. The Left is losing their minds over a court doing exactly what it is supposed to do and not their bidding. That is not how our government was designed. The SCOTUS is not supposed to be subservient to the other two branches, but an equal player.

We close with hopes the pendulum is swinging back toward an adherence to the Constitution, which would help heal much of the divide that exists in this nation. Americans need to educate themselves on our founding documents and, more importantly, educate themselves before choosing candidates to represent them in the government. We can get back to the greatness of our representative Republic if we all make a point of choosing people who revere the Constitution AS IS and not what they want to pretend it to be.

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