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What the J6 show trial really wants and should we call him Jan Biden

In today’s episode, we have to look at the events over the last few weeks since the clown-show reality TV series first began to air the January 6th Hearings. It is no longer arguable they want to get to the truth. They want nothing to do with the truth. So, what is their purpose?

As Margot Cleveland suggests in The Federalist, there are three goals they want to achieve. The first is to propagandize the notion the 2020 election was the safest and most secure of all-time, without a single stain of irregularity. To suggest otherwise is akin to subversion and an example of suffering from significant mental health concerns.

The second objective builds on the first – to silence any complaints about election irregularities. Those who bring up such mis- dis- or mal-information are no better than those who stormed the Capitol in brazen act of insurrection. In fact, anyone questioning the results is already guilty of insurrection and should be thrown in prison. There is no room for that kind of talk in the America envisioned by the J6 Committee.

Finally, the third objective is to provide a crystal clear warning to any future “outsider” who dares to disrupt the Establishment and their surrounding swamp. Any who attempt to do so will be destroyed and all those around them ruined. The lesson they want every American to learn is to never cross the Establishment and don’t help any outsiders who want to change the way Washington, D.C. does business, or face the full wrath of a weaponized government ready to eliminate you.

This goes hand-in-hand with elected representatives mischaracterizing the rulings of the Supreme Court as being against democracy. On the contrary, those rulings were perfectly aligned with the Constitution of the United States of America. Think about this, legislators are upset the SCOTUS is saying other branches of government were trying to take away their power and so they are returning back to the lawmakers where it belongs. And they are angry about it! It’s like a football player sitting on the bench who gets enraged when the coach wants to put him back into the game. It defies all logic and reason.

But, I think they know that. They just cannot bring themselves to admit it openly for fear of losing power from their base. They have to lie, manipulate and mischaracterize in the hopes of fooling enough Americans into believing them.

Unfortunately, it’s still not working. Five days after Roe v Wade’s overturning, the RCP poll shows Biden sinking to a new all-time low. If they were hoping for a bump, it would have shown up immediately after the ruling, and it only got worse for them instead.

As I close, I wonder if we should start calling our president, Jan Biden instead of Joe. Maybe in the GenX’er in me, but when he recently tried to once again blame Russia for the price at the pump, he decided to reiterate that claim by saying, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” It was exactly like the Brady Bunch episode when Jan bemoaned the same sentiment, only toward, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” In reality, I think I’d prefer Jan Brady over Joe Biden, based on all we’ve seen thus far.

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