Independence Day 2022
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A bad J6 witness, Biden misses major oil lease deadline and Independence Day 2022

Today’s episode falls on the 246th birthday of our great nation. Before I get around to recognizing the day and reminding us all what was pledged on the day they signed the Declaration of Independence, we have to go over two news items. Both of these are crucial in reminding you this Administration is not interested in one nation, indivisible. They clearly want two divisions – two-tiers if you will. The political elites and their confederates within media and Big Tech want their establishment class to have a different set of rules and expectations. The J6 Committee is there to remind all of us of that very notion.

As discussed last week, the J6 Hearings exist to carry out three objectives: 1) The 2020 election was perfect; 2) Anyone who questions irregularities in the 2020 election should be considered guilty of insurrection; and, 3) Any outsider who dares to rock the apple cart again, will meet the same fate as Donald Trump and his supporters.

This brings us to Cassidy Hutchinson. While we were all trying to stretch our pocketbooks for our 4th of July gatherings, a text chain was discovered. Hutchinson was concerned over having to testify to the J6 Committee and reached out to the First Amendment Fund, the American Conservative Union and CPAC for help. She new the committee was going to distort anything in an effort to go after Trump and his supporters and wanted assistance to avoid things getting “unnecessarily elevated.” It will be interesting to see if we ever learn what was promised her by the Committee to perjure herself all in the name of the greater good of defeating a man who has been gone from office for almost two years.

Also under the cover of a long holiday weekend, the Biden Administration missed the deadline for major oil and gas leases and sales. The Department of the Interior, under Secretary Deb Haaland failed to follow the law and prepare a final five-year leasing plan. According to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member John Barrasso (R-WY), “That means the federal government will not offer any new offshore oil and gas lease sales this year.”

When Biden and this White House tell you they are doing all they can to help with the price at the pump, do you now have any doubt they have been lying this whole time?

Finally, we have to spend time chatting about the 56 Americans who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors when signing the Declaration of Independence. To help me, I turn to radio legend, Paul Harvey, for his masterful storytelling. It’s a great way to end the show and remind each of us of what our Founders did and the expectations they had for our country. Now, it’s up to us to elect people who pledge to adhere to those same ideals, not ones who want to fundamentally transform us into something else.

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