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Americans lack basics of our history, another Leftist mass-shooter and socialists

Today’s show falls on the day after celebrating our nation’s Independence Day. It was a great time and reminded me of the importance of family and togetherness. But, it also reminded me how we have, for years, allowed such a tiny fraction of our nation to convince us they are a massive movement. Part of that is Constitutionalists are not radicals or activists by nature. We want to take care of our families and our communities. As long as you are not trampling on our rights, we really don’t care about what some of the more fringe elements of our society do.

However, this is becoming the root of the problem. Social media magnifies the “importance” of these radical elements of society and the legacy media runs with that distorted view as though it is mainstream. It’s not. And we ought never allow it to be.

I came across a study where 64% of GenZ’ers did not know which country we declared our independence from, with half thinking it was from Native Americans. 10% don’t know how many stripes are on our flag or what they even represent. I am always amazed at how few seem to understand our own Constitution and now I find the most basic of basic facts of our founding is not known to the majority of our younger generation. It’s astounding and we need to rectify this.

I then talk a little about the latest mass shooter in Illinois, just outside of the Chicago area. I find it pathetic how so many Leftists rush to make any shooter out to be a member of the GOP. It took me no time to discover the opposite. A self-described liberal, who sports a tattoo on his neck which is the logo for the Rose in the Fist political movement in Italy made up of Democratic Socialists. He mocked Trump supporters and chose to randomly shoot and kill patriotic Americans at an Independence day parade. He also praised the January 6th Committee many times via his social media.

Also, we just learned the Biden Administration has been sending some of our oil reserves to Europe and Asia to help them with their gasoline prices. I cannot make this up, folks. The reserves meant for an EMERGENCY are being given, at least 5 million barrels last month, to people outside of our own country. They will not drill here or do anything locally to empower America, but are quick to give away our precious resources. We have to get back to America First and supporting politicians and policies rooted in the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Minister of Health in Canada, following the direction of the young Communist wannabe, Justin Trudeau, has a new mandate. To be considered “vaccinated”, you will need to get a boost every 9 months, for the rest of your life. They do not embrace science, only government control over the people.

Finally, I do end on a positive note, Thanks to Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 2, Metallica’s song, “Master of Puppets,” is now number one on the iTunes rock charts and 29th overall. As Samwise says to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings: In all those tales, the heroes always had a chance of turning back and running away, but they didn’t, because they knew. They knew there was still some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.

And that’s why Sam is the true hero and the greatest Hobbit that ever lived.

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