Karine Jean-Pierre has a bad day
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Karine Jean-Pierre has a bad day with Biden voicemail, gas prices and a rudderless ship

Today’s show opens with our favorite Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, having a really, really bad day at work yesterday. First up, the Joe Biden voicemail from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. I’ve had this story for a week, but just could not get to it until today. In the message, Joe wants to talk about a NYTimes piece discussing Hunter’s business dealing with a Chinese energy company. Ordinarily, this should not seem like a big deal, except, Joe Biden has repeatedly said he never had any business discussions with his son.

Well, we know he has been lying. We’ve seen pictures, read emails and heard from former business associates. All this voicemail does is add yet more evidence to the growing mound of Joe Biden’s lies and duplicity. However, when asked about her boss’s message, Karine Jean-Pierre, a gay, black, female, immigrant (making her eminently qualified for her position) refused to address the concern, choosing instead to refer White House reporters to Hunter Biden’s legal team.

Moving onto Joe Biden’s growing list of people to blame for gasoline prices, the Press Secretary was asked why Biden is now going after the gas station owners. Her answer proves she has no knowledge of how the energy sector works nor how a futures market is based. She knows how to read talking points from her printed notes, usually with little connection, but does not seem able to answer questions.

Finally, she was asked why 5 million barrels of oil from America’s strategic reserve were sent to Europe and Asia? The most qualified Press Secretary in history had no knowledge of the report and could not answer the question.

So, we turn to CNN, where Edward-Isaac Dovere has been speaking with Democrats in Congress and around the caucus and says they feel the Administration is “rudderless, aimless and hopeless.” Joe Biden can play the blame-game all day long, but when his own party sees his failure and is no longer remaining silent, that’s a problem for the Administration.

To end on a happy note, I bring you a study from Ohio State University, which found neighborhoods with more dogs see less crime. As if I needed any new reasons to love my four-legged friends even more, dogs help make your home and your neighborhood a safer place by reducing all crime, including murder and assaults. I guess as long as I have my dogs, I’ve always got love in my home, in my heart and in my life, and that’s a very encouraging thought.

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