Biden oil sale to China
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Biden oil sale to benefit Hunter Monmouth poll and looking back at Afghanistan

In today’s show, it’s not only been confirmed Joe Biden sold nearly a million barrels from out Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China, but it looks like it was to the very company where Hunter Biden had a controlling interest. Don’t tell me the President of the United States isn’t compromised by what has been discovered on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Biden took petroleum, paid for by taxing Americans, and sold it to the very Chinese owned gas company that a private equity firm, co-founded by Hunter, owns a $1.7 billion stake. How is this not ground for an immediate investigation if not impeachment?

In the meantime, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did her best to convince us that the Monmouth poll, showing 88% of Americans think we are on the wrong track, is not reflecting reality. She regurgitates the same lies as talking points. Then she went on to declare that “we are stronger economically than we have been in our history.” I’m not making that up. She wants us all to believe the economy is as strong as it has ever been in our entire history.

Do you need any more evidence to show just how out-of-touch this President and this White House is from the American people? Even CNN’s Rahel Solomon had to admit the U.S. is on the wrong track and everything is pretty much going up in price. She even said she found herself getting sticker-shock just grocery shopping.

As I begin to wrap up, it’s important to remind everyone that it was one year ago today when President Biden held a press conference about the worsening conditions in Afghanistan following his announcement of the U.S. withdrawal. It will go on to prove to be on e of the most embarrassing press conferences in American History and was the trigger for every bad thing to follow.

Finally, in breaking news, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 4-3 ruling, the Justices rebuked the Wisconsin Elections Commission for distributing drop boxes around the state, arguing that only the state legislature had the authority to employ their use. It’s nice to see the causes for so many election irregularities are being fixed well before the 2022 midterms.

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