Border Patrol cleared
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Border Patrol cleared, but not really; Biden reads stage direction and Afghanistan failure

In today’s show, I open with the Border Patrol agents who, after 10 months, were finally found to have committed no whippings of any kind. Of course, we knew this within days of a single photograph being taken and then used to create a false narrative. President Biden, VP Harris, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas and former Press Secretary Jen Psaki went all-in on that false narrative, just like the Jussie Smollet case.

So, that means the agents still had to be found guilty of something. It’s amazing the depths the children in the White House go through to avoid saying they were wrong. Issuing apologies is not in their playbook. Creating false narratives is all they know how how to do.

We then turn to Joe Biden’s latest address to the American people and we learn he is no better than Joey from Friends or Ron Burgandy. He is incapable of distinguishing between the words in the speech and the stage directions he is given.

But, we need to remember, this is the same President who vehemently defended his decision to pull out of Afghanistan in the most reckless and haphazard way imaginable. He demonstrated to the world just how inept and pathetic he really is.

I then cover an interesting study on colder climates and weight loss. Plus a radical Left school district in Los Angeles is told by a judge their vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. It’s nice to see reason occasionally rear it’s head every now and then on the left coast.

Finally, we have to remember the Constitution was not put in place to empower the government. It was put in place to limit it’s power over the people.

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