Hunter's hacked iCloud
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Hunter’s hacked iCloud, dubious 10 y.o. rape story and Trump’s accomplishments

In today’s show, I start with a bit of awe over the hackers on 4Chan who seemed to have broken into Hunter Biden’s iCloud account. Videos, text messages and more began circulating the internet late Saturday night and continue to spread like wild fire. There is definite criminality documented, but worse, are links to President Joe Biden wiring money to his son to pay off his felonious activities.

What’s worse is how much of that money was then sent to people in both Ukraine and Russia. It makes me wonder if the money Joe Biden keeps sending to Ukraine is actually for the war or if it’s hush money to keep even more secrets at bay? The lies and the cover-ups demand a special prosecutor, but AG Garland is too busy labeling parents as domestic terrorists.

Speaking of lies, how about the doozy the President repeated about the 10 year old rape victim how had to leave Ohio to find an abortion doctor in Indiana. Not only is there no shred of evidence of this, it appears it’ was a total fabrication. There are far too many red flags and lack of even the tiniest shred of evidence to be believed. Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, said there is “not a whisper” that a 10-year-old child was raped and impregnated, there has been no request for crime lab results and Ohio’s heartbeat law would have allowed such a young girl to get an abortion in the state. See? Nothing adds up, but when have Democrats cared about the truth. They only care in their beliefs!

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has earned a new catch-phrase. In a short montage from the past week, we have come to understand that “she doesn’t have anything.”

Finally, I take a moment to look back at Trump’s presidency versus where we are today. There are at least 10 things we can thank for prior Commander-in-Chief for accomplishing while he was in office. He was a deeply flawed man in many ways, but his commitment to getting us back to Constitutional conservatism cannot be overstated.

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