AOC thinks January 6 had inside help
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Real inflation, Political seismic shift, AOC hypocrisy and Starbucks closures

In today’s show we open with a better breakdown of the Consumer Price Index for June, showing the real rate of inflation on fuel, energy, food and staples. When looking at the goods and services most Americans have to buy each month, the real rate of inflation is probably closer to 18% in general and much higher for specific items.

From there we go to an Axios story, breaking down what they see is a political seismic shift. Democrats are becoming the party of over-educated, elite white voters, while Republicans have been building a multicultural coalition of working-class voters. Adding to the shift, in their view, is the accelerant of inflation.

The Wall Street Journal seems to agree with the premise, putting out a story titled, “Voter Registration Shows Democrats’ Peril: GOP number have improved markedly in several 2022 midterm battleground states.” Inflation hits the average American in ways it will never touch the elites, and inflation does not discriminate party affiliation. With Democrat policies leading to such pain for most Americans, it’s easy to see why the shift is coming and it will be brutal to the Left.

AOC is not a bright person. However, she is a tremendous social media influencer and to not recognize that would be a mistake. She is the voice of the ultra-Left socialist/Marxist push of the Democrat Party. So, it’s high-time I spend a moment showing some of her recent hypocrisy when being pranked by another social media influencer. Not only did she take to social media to whine and misrepresent what happened, she is lacked any self-awareness of how she treated others who have been harassed, like Justice Kavanaugh. She makes it easy to see how they want to divide the country, not Left v Right, but elites v the rest.

What’s interesting is later that day, she was still fuming over her entitled sense of security at the Capitol. While spouting off on that notion, she ended up saying something the January 6th Committee would have rather she kept quiet. She reminded everyone that the videos we saw of January 6 showed people on the inside helping those on the outside. She then went on to tweet how that part “was too politically risky to investigate thoroughly so they brushed (it) under the rug.” Perhaps she should ask the committee about Ray Epps and others who are on camera inciting the crowd, but never questioned or arrested.

Finally, while AOC likely will never see her own hypocrisy, the CEO of Starbucks has seen what happens in Democrat-run woke cities. That’s why CEO Howard Schultz is closing several profitable stores, with many more to follow. Safety and security are the driving reasons.

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