Biden wants election takeover
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Biden wants election takeover, 2020 irregularities, DC Mayor says NIMBY and Pelosi knows

In today’s show, I open with reporting by Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief at The Federalist on Joe Biden’s Executive Order to all 600 agencies under his control. They were all to submit plans for how to Federalize elections and those plans were due within 200 days. While it seems the plans have been submitted, we know very little about them. As we head to the midterms, we have a lot to watch given the nature of that Executive Order.

This leads to recent court rulings in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania showing their elections officials broke state laws in 2020. In fact, in Wisconsin, they not only adopted drop boxes, which were already illegal per state law, they also encouraged ballot harvesting. In similar fashion, Pennsylvania allowed for mail-in balloting, while their own State’s Constitution expressly forbade that as a form of voting. But remember one of the goals of the J6 Committee is to convince you 2020 was a perfect election and to believe otherwise makes you an insurrectionist.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser continues to show how elites are all of passing things or allowing activities to go on, so long as it is somewhere else. It’s the old acronym NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard. It seems DC’s homeless shelters are being overburdened by illegals in our country. Mayor Bowser is mad because they have been bused there from Texas and Arizona. She, she’s okay with illegals coming here…just not HERE. Her lack of self awareness was on full display over the weekend on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Over the weekend, leaked audio from 2016 came out between Joe Biden and then head of Ukraine Poroshenko. In the call, Biden was concerned newly elected Donald Trump might look into the details of money the U.S. has been giving to Ukraine if they were to ask him for more aid. Biden made it clear it would be bad for him and his country to allow that to happen.

And while Nancy Pelosi says some of the dumbest things in support of their radical Marxist agenda, she is not dumb. What’s amazing is to hear ABC News with Marha Raddatz admit that most Americans don’t care about January 6th. They only care about the economy and inflation. Washington Post Live Anchor Leigh Ann Caldwell admits Pelosi is telling Democrats behind closed doors that the J6 Committee isn’t driving the discussions at home.

Finally, we return to Joe Biden, fresh off of meeting with the Crown Price of Saudi Arabia. Guess they didn’t stay a “pariah” for too long. In a presser, Biden said he expects Saudi Arabia to begin drilling more to help the world supply. But, over the weekend, and Arab paper quoted the oil sector as saying, “We don’t have the capacity to increase our oil production beyond the current limit.” I end with a short montage of Biden speaking and cannot understand why the world doesn’t seem to respect him more.

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