Dr. Birx falsified data
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Dr. Birx falsified data and lied, invisible handcuffs, more NIMBY and the Thanos plan

In today’s show we open with excerpts from Dr. Deborah Birx’s book, “Silent Invasion.” In it, she admits falsifying reports and projects to stoke fear. She admits to lying to the president and his team. She admits to re-inserting edited out language back into reports. She uses words like, “sleight of hands” and “surreptitiously” and her report’s team mantra became, “write, submit, revise, hide and resubmit.” Her audacity is astonishing and worthy of investigation and criminal prosecution.

Which leads to the latest stunt by AOC and the squad. Their faux arrest with invisible handcuffs goes to show we have young members of Congress who have no idea how to conduct the people’s business. They are hack social media performers, more worried about clicks and likes than in understanding and upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s all about performance and the legacy media continues their role as the propaganda wing of the Democrat party by dutifully spinning narratives and sharing the same talking points.

The Mayor of New York is now getting in the act after the Mayor of D.C. is complaining about illegal migrants using up their social services. Once again, the NIMBY principle is alive and well. They love having illegals here in our country, so long as they are not HERE in their own backyards.

And as for this White House and their fake message of “doing all they can to help with the price at the pump and with inflation,” all we need to do is listen to some of their folks from just the last two days. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg testified before Congress saying, “The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit is for those who can access electric vehicles.” The next day, he goes on to tell CNBC that “he’s astonished some folks seem to really struggle to let go of the status quo” (aka, gasoline powered vehicles).

CNN has to admit their own polling is showing Joe Biden at new all-time lows and is failing most when it comes to the economy and inflation. You would think this would make Biden see the error of his domestic policies, but it does not. They are going full-ahead with the Green New Deal with or without Congress. In fact, White House Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy told CNN Biden is planning to “use every power available to him to get rid of fossil fuels.” Seems pretty clear, doesn’t it?

Finally, we turn to Jane Goodall who addressed the World Economic Forum. She did her best impression of Thanos, the main villian from the Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies. In those films, Thanos believed there were too many people in the universe, draining the resources necessary for survival. His mission is to wipe out half of all life, to save those who remain. As monstrous as that sounds, Jane Goodall is saying the exact same thing, and that should be a real wake-up call to all of us.

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