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BEST OF – Monday – Rights should not be subjective

This episode originally aired on Monday, February 21, 2022

In this episode, I open with an example of how one of the oldest mainstream media outlets, the New York Times, decides whether or not your protest is acceptable. It’s not about breaking laws or infringing on rights. Nope. Instead, it’s whether or not your protest aligns with their political views. This goes along with what I mentioned in a previous show about how liberals are not driven by core principles, but rather by outcomes. If one group is politically aligned with them, they will offer support. However, if the group has a different political persuasion, well, those groups are not allowed the same rights as the former.

Part of this tactic of picking winners and losers also goes back to the use of the term “misinformation.” The new Chief of Police in Ottawa held a press conference and literally said they would be “monitoring” social media for people putting out “misinformation” about the protest and they would be dealt with in time. By the same token, in the same presser, he said his department would be putting out the “real” information on their social media accounts. So, let me get this straight, people sharing footage of people protesters being trampled by horses is misinformation, because that’s not what the narrative needs to be? We need to wait for the government approved and sanctioned script to be released to know what the truth is?

Ironically, even some leftist outlets perform random acts of journalism. In 2014, the left-leaning new media site, The Huffington Post, put out a story worried that Justin Trudeau, when running for Prime Minister, might turn Canada into a dictatorship. Based on the events of the past few days, it seems they were right to worry.

To add even more insult, the Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, is also tied to the World Economic Forum – a group behind the world push labeled, “The Great Reset.” In a statement, she said that Covid provided them with, “…a window of political opportunity…” She’s admitting the draconian moves and mandates were the opportunity to push the liberal, socialist agenda toward a more authoritarian state.

With that in mind, my final subject has to do with the CDC admitting they have been collecting far more data related to Covid than has been released. They basically feel the common person isn’t capable of fully understanding it all anyway. But, does that make any sense? If the data aligned with their narrative, wouldn’t they be falling over themselves to release it?

In the end, looking at where we are today, it’s important for all of us freedom-loving, Constitutionalists to be more active and to be sure to vote in every election. As Barack Obama famously said, elections have consequences. We are seeing the results of when authoritarians are elected and how quickly they will decide which rights are okay and which are not. They would prefer to rule rather than have to govern. They can only implement what we are willing to allow and that’s the lesson we are learning from Canada and elsewhere.

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  1. Alan, I just love reading your postings. You are always right on the money. Keep on getting the word out.

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