DOJ and FBI go nuclear
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DOJ and FBI go nuclear given nothing else seems to be working

Today we look at how the crisis news story cycle works. When Leftists find themselves in a state of desperation, they simply follow the model that has worked for them over the last 6+ years. First, write the narrative as you hope it will be (or shape it to become) and make sure to include anonymous sources. Fill the story with as many truthful elements as you can afford, while making up the rest and attributing it to your unseen forces at work behind the scenes.

Next, be sure to time your “bombshells” appropriately. The average American needs to be manipulated at just the right time. Too far away, they might forget. Too close, and they may not have time to change their mind’s.

The real tell-tale sign of propaganda is when the story is almost too perfect. They mistake these modern-day pretenders at journalism make is in crafting a piece too that is too airtight. The other sign is when every competing news outlets chooses to use the same words and phrases as the original story. Propaganda is much easier to spread when everyone stays consistent. If we were to hear several versions of a story with different language, it would be much harder to manipulate the public at large.

Using this model, I remind you how I quoted from a Newsweek story yesterday, but was very cautious in doing so. In that story they assured us anonymous sources said AG Merrick Garland was not aware of the FBI raid and they also said there is an FBI informant close to Donald Trump’s inner circle.

Not 24 hours later, Merrick Garland held a press conference and said he was not only aware of the raid, but also had authorized going forward in requesting the search warrant. So, if Newsweek was wrong about Garland, are we to believe there really is an FBI source inside Mar-a-Lago? Or is that something to help the FBI save face?

What was also interesting to note is how Garland came across as a sniveling child whose feelings had been hurt at the very idea the FBI and the DOJ might not be acting completely above board. Well, it doesn’t take a very deep search over the last 6 years to find dozens of examples of the FBI and the DOJ acting poorly and having a two-tiered bias.

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie says today’s FBI is not the same one he was a part of 20 years ago. On top of that, he made it clear Merrick Garland was hesitant to approve search warrants, even when it came to the Unibomber. Yet, he was ALL-IN when it came to an FBI raid of the Mar-a-Lago compound.

And while we discuss Garland’s whining at the lectern, isn’t it funny how the details of the search were leaked to the Leftists Washington Post within hours, changing the narrative from a search under the Presidential Records Act to a search for nuclear related information? Someone may have thought the new spin was going to help the FBI, but now we all find ourselves wondering why they waiting 18 months to look for said documents?

Finally, while Eric Trump indicated the surveillance cameras may have been left on to watch the FBI inside the home, we now have word from Trump lawyer, Christina Robb. She said, “Trump’s people were watching CCTV in New York as the FBI rifled through the former president’s study at Mar-a-Lago and breaking open his safe.” Personally, I cannot wait to see what the Trump team decides to do with that footage, assuming it is true. Will it be leaked before midterms? Used as a campaign ad? Or, is it a bargaining chip to use in negotiations with the FBI and the DOJ?

Perhaps it is all of the above.

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