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Conversations with Straight to the Point

In this bonus episode of my show, called Conversations, I had the chance to meet and talk to the ladies who run the Facebook page, Straight to the Point. Robyn Drew and Leslie Cole started their public page toward the end of the Obama presidency. They both attest to not being involved with getting into political discussions, but watching the NY General Assembly cheer at the passage of the most radical abortion law in most of the world, pushed them into action.

Like most patriotic Americans, they were busy with family and running a small business, which they managed to keep afloat during the Covid lockdowns. During that time, they continued to try to reach out to other concerned Americans about the direction of our country and how we are moving away from our founding.

After deciding to close the business, Robyn and Leslie have been dedicating themselves full-time to the page, trying to keep up the fight for our culture, our history and our Constitutional republic. It was such a pleasure to hear yet another story of two everyday Americans feeling compelled to fight for our country as we have known it, and not the direction the Left seems bent on taking it.

I hope you enjoy the interview and then add Straight to the Point to your social media likes or follows. They spend time reading and researching, striving to be accurate and witty all at the same time. For all of the bad we see daily on the news or in our feeds, we need to remember about all of the individual warriors for freedom who are also out there, trying to bring light to the darkness and freedom to those who may not even realize, they have been slipped into chains.

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