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Crossfire Hurricane rears its ugly head amidst the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

Today I open with the judge’s order regarding the release of the affidavit behind the search warrant, which led to the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. While former representative of Jeffery Epstein’s employees is now signing off on general search warrants to go after Donald Trump, he is also aiding his friends at the DOJ. On the surface it may seem like he is wanting to release the affidavit, but that’s part of the ruse. His order actually helps the DOJ out of having to release anything for quite some time.

Judge Bruce Reinhart may say he wants to release it (winning him favorable press from the media), he has given the DOJ a week to go through and note any redactions they would like to make. When you read between the lines, what we have is a case where the DOJ can now extend this out for weeks if they want, under the guise of “ongoing investigation” and “sources and methods” and concerns over “national security” and a host of platitudes. By the time this document gets released (if ever) it will be so highly blacked out, it will be essentially worthless.

What is interesting is learning who is behind the Mar-a-Lago probe. Were you aware that a large number of agents who were part of Operation: Crossfire Hurricane are part of this investigation? Would it surprise you to know that many who were called out in the Inspector General’s scalding report on that operation are the same people still going after Donald Trump? Some of these agents were specifically identified for disciplinary review and are still, three years later, acting as if nothing happened at all. Agent Brian Auten was individually called out by IG Michael Horowitz for his vetting of the Steele Dossier, which was used to obtain illegal wiretaps to spy on the Trump campaign. He was also scolded for cutting a number of corners in the verification process, intentionally letting known false information to get onto warrants and affidavits to mislead the FISA court.

Auten is part of the FBI team that is now looking at the very records taken from the Mar-a-Lago home. Is it too much of a stretch to believe the only reason Auten is there (beyond his partisan hate of the Republican party and specifically Donald Trump) to confirm they have confiscated all of the damning documentation related to the Russiagate hoax? It’s the only explanation as to why the FBI would want him there.

And if you think those documents are classified, think again. Donald Trump released a copy of his order from January 19, 2021, declassifying the Crossfire Hurricane documents. I have documented the many willful acts by the FBI and DOJ to circumvent our laws and act as the personal gestapo. In fact, a recent Rasmussen poll finds a majority of Americans now believe that.

The real question now is to wonder, did the FBI and DOJ behind this raid not think this would ever come out? That they could contain the real reason for the raid and, at the same time, hurt Trump and his supporters?

Or, which is the worse scenario, did they know it was going to hurt their credibility and aid Trump, but did it anyway? If so, doesn’t that mean the documents they were desperate to retrieve are capable of far more damage than what this raid has already done? Think about that for just a moment. The FBI and the DOJ are knowingly taking the arrows from this debacle, but it’s the better option over letting the Crossfire Hurricane documentation get out into the public. Imagine how many people in the Washington, D.C. swamp are hoping the FBI got to them before the Trump team could make backups.

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