Liz Cheney remains unhinged
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Liz Cheney remains unhinged and Americans say we are on the wrong track

Welcome back to The Alan Sanders Show. Today, I try to catch up on several news items that are worth discussion beyond the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Of course, that even is monumental in our nation’s history, so I do open with some comments made over the weekend by Governor Chris Sununu (R) of New Hampshire. Sununu told Fox News Sunday the FBI and AG Garland were “morons” in how they have handled the raid and the complete lack of transparency behind it. Long time listeners to this show already know that, but it’s nice to hear it echoed from someone else.

We then move to Liz Cheney who continues her deranged spiral into Democrat madness. With nothing left to lose, she spent the weekend vowing to oppose any candidate who might question election integrity, especially the results of 2020. Ironically, two members of her own J6 Committe, Raskin and Thompson both separately wanted to overturn elections or not have them certified – Raskin in 2004 and Thompson in 2016. Plus, Adam Schiff (D-CA) spent years telling us about how he personally saw all of the evidence of Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia, which we now know was a complete hoax. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Liz Cheney will oppose any who question election integrity, but is okay siding with people who have done so and worse.

CNN Political Correspondent John Harwood admits the Inflation Reduction Act is a marketing device meant to dupe Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and the American public. He admits it will do little to nothing to reduce inflation. The name represents the exact opposite of its purported aims.

And the vast majority of Americans seem to be aware of this fact, given a new NBC News poll from over the weekend. When asked, 71% say the Inflation Reduction Act will not make a difference or will make things worse. Only 26% believe it will live up to its name.

In another segment on Sunday’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on NBC, he had to open the show stating, “Americans are angry, they’re disappointed and they are worried about the future.” Their polling reflects 74% of Americans who say our country is on the wrong track. He they added that it was the first time in history where that number was above 70% for over a year now. On top of that, another all-time high comes from the question of “better days.” 58% now believe the best years of America are already behind us, with only 35% thinking they are still ahead.

This President and this Administration is staffed with idiots who believe in magic thinking. They are playing make-believe each and every day and we are supposed to just blindly believe what they are selling. A perfect example of this is Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. She literally told Americans who can barely afford to buy food and pay their bills that they need to winterize their homes and buy discounted solar panels. This is on top of months of telling us to buy at $70K electric vehicle with their $7500 tax credit! Which, by the way, is already gone because EV lines have gone up by the same $7500! The incentive has already inflated the cost and that’s who inflation works. But, these children in adult bodies believe we can spend our way out of recession and inflation.

Lastly, since the Inflation Reduction Act is almost all about Green New Deal policies to flight “man made climate change,” data released in the last week shows the global average temperature today is .1 degree Celsius cooler than the 1979-2000 average. 1200 global climate scientists just signed off on a paper stating “There is no climate emergency.” It’s all a ruse, where they use lies and fear to transfer even more wealth away from us and funnel it to other elites and we just seem to be content to allow it to happen. We must all get to the polls in November and continuously remind our representatives that they are their to represent us, not whatever is cool within the D.C. beltway.

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