White House knew about FBI raid
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The White House knew about the FBI raid and Fauci/Birx/Walensky rewriting Covid history

Today we open with some breaking news from late yesterday. It is now clear the White House lied when they said they had no knowledge of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. In a memo from April of this year, it is evident President Biden had been briefed and told the parties involved he was not going to recognize any of President Trump’s claims for privilege. As far as I know, this has never happened in my lifetime. While Donald Trump had all Constitutional authority to declassify anything he wanted, the Biden presidency is pretending such authority does not exist. It’s a stunning revelation and continues to show just how deep and corrupt the swamp is in Washington, D.C.

President Trump has filed his own lawsuit in Florida against the FBI and the government under the 4th Amendment protecting citizens from illegal search and seizure. The corruption behind this story is so widespread and rampant, even the mainstream media is not able to contain it. If a Constitutional minded judge gets this case and follows our laws and precedence, this could end up permanently damaging the FBI and other institutions within the Executive Branch.

Shifting over to some of the latest Public Health discussions, Dr. Deborah Birx, after bragging in her book at how she had to go behind the President’s back and engaged in subterfuge and insubordination, has the audacity to say the CDC needs to embrace more transparency! She literally told CBS’s Face the Nation that, “Recommendations that are created out of lack of transparency and out of a black box where you can’t really follow the logic is what leads to fracturing of trust.” This! From the woman who resigned in disgrace after being caught doing all of the things she was telling the rest of us not to do.

On top of that, Dr. Anthony Fauci is in the midst of gas-lighting all of us into thinking he was always aware of the shifting narratives around the pandemic. He said he is trying to re-write history and absolve himself of all the deaths, carnage and destruction his policies created. He was not interested in “science” because as he famously told us, HE is SCIENCE. Everyone who had a different idea or research was guilty of spreading mis- dis- or mal-information. He worked with Big Tech and Legacy/mainstream media to keep any other research or scientific opinions silenced.

And now we find the CDC is quietly changing their website related to the “safe” mRNA vaccines. They have removed language where they say mRNA cannot enter the nucleus of cells where DNA is located and change or influence genes. They also removed the bullets saying mRNA disappears in the body within a few days to just a few weeks. Both of those we know are patently false and have been known to be false for months. Now, under the cover of overnight tweaks to the site, that language has been removed. This is not transparency nor is it “science” no should it warrant our future trust. Public health has been forever ruined thanks to the politicization of the virus and the CDC by the Left.

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