Biden's student loan debt plan
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Bidens student loan debt plan and Constitutionalists v socialists in November

On today’s show we have to look at the next Leftist boondoggle in wealth redistribution and that is President Joe Biden’s immoral plan to forgive college debt for qualifying people. First, let’s remember, the President does not have this authority, it can only come from Congress. But, second, in the midst of a recession and inflation levels not seen in 40 years, the White House wants to pump close to another trillion dollars into the market, worsening inflation and driving up the cost of college tuition.

We’ve seen it in real-time, folks. The Inflation Reduction Act includes a $7500 tax rebate for people to go out and buy and electric vehicle. In the mentally deficient stupor called government thinking, they believe it lowers the cost of a $70,000 car to $62,500. In actuality, the EV makers have already risen the price of their electric vehicles by the same $7500, making them now cost $77,500 (on average). See how inflation works? When you flood the market with printed money, the cost of items becomes inflated. Now, we are going to do that with tuition.

It’s not just wrong, as wealth re-distribution, it’s immoral. Think of the lesson being given to those who made the choice to incur their own debts and cannot pay them back. Who cares if you went to a school you could not afford? Who cares if you picked a degree you cannot monetize? Who cares if you cannot payback your debts? We’ll take care of it for you and all we ask is your continued blind allegiance to the Democrat party. What a terrible thing to watch happen and to see so many heading to this fiasco like moths to flame.

We had a couple of primaries yesterday worth discussing. First, congratulation to my friend, Tina Forte, for winning in New York’s 14th district. She will now face Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in November. So, while Tina fights for freedom, liberty and the Constitution, AOC is too busy trying to get away with not filing her income statements as required by law. Seems the socialist has fully adopted her elitist ambitions, where there are rules for most of the country, but exceptions for the “special” people at the top.

Charlie Crist also won his primary to now take on Governor DeSantis in Florida. In this case, Crist thinks his winning message is to spread President Biden’s butt checks and pucker away, calling him the greatest president he has ever seen. He also made a point to tell DeSantis supporters to go pound sand because he doesn’t want anyone with “hate in their hearts” to vote for him. What a buffoon. He is a total joke and is going to be politically slaughtered in November.

But, that’s what we want! We need to make sure the wins are not just wins alone, but massive victories. We need to make sure these socialist/Marxist fools are beat by 15 to 30 points or more, like how Liz Cheney was obliterated in her own state. It needs to be a profound shellacking in the hopes they might realize they have been pushing a losing message and a losing ideology.

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